Weekly Wrap-Up

The Weekly Wrap-up is a perfect way to throw some random things together each week! I don’t take photos of everything we do, but here is where I share what I do capture, either with the boys, or with all of the kids together during our group activities. It will look different each week, or every other week, depending on how much I keep my act together!


We continue to use our morning board {see full board here} and Ladybug is really enjoying the Songs for Saplings verses. We have completed 4 now and review each one during the day. Homeschool-2160

This is how we listen to them during our morning meeting time, I use my iPhone and our portable mini speaker.  I have a playlist set up on my phone called “this week” and have all of the new songs {Seeds, Songs for Saplings and hymn} as well as the ones from the previous weeks so we can review.Homeschool-2159

One of the favorite parts of our morning board for all 3 of my kids is the letter of the day ABC movement cards.  Thankfully I have a 10 year old who still thinks this is an awesome thing to do.Homeschool-2168

W is for Windmills in action…

Homeschool-2162  Homeschool-2165

They also all 3 love it when we sing the Name-O song {scroll down for video}, it isn’t just Ladybug who runs with her name, the boys get really into it too!

Homeschool-2171 Homeschool-2169 Homeschool-2170


We are up to DVD3 with What’s in the Bible.  Here they were working on some coloring pages {see links and how we are using these DVDs here}. Homeschool-2174

While they do things like this, I often play music from the “this week” playlist so they have a natural way to review songs we are learning.  I love this shot of Krash getting really into his singing as he colors!Homeschool-2176

PS-the color coded school supply caddies continue to work out perfectly for us!


Krash is back to his All About Reading Level 1 lessons. We are up to about lesson 30. His reading assignments in Calvert are a bit below where he is at with AAR, so it is a good review for him.  We are slowing down with AAR, as I make sure he is solid with certain skills and gains more fluency.All About Reading-2182

This week we did All About Spelling 1 ~ Lesson 3, 4, and 5 and worked on vowels. He did really well with this, thanks to knowing the song from the Talking Words Factory DVD!  That song really helps with the concept of vowels {and many other reading skills}. All About Reading-2185

One of the activities was to have him write the letter of the sound I said.  We used our iPad and stylus {the app he is in is the drawing on the window portion of Bugs and Bubbles}.Homeschool-2221

He does really well with manipulating sounds, and enjoys working with the letter tiles…All About Spelling-2280

Ladybug always wants to sit close by and listen in, here he was writing words as I said sounds and she was trying her best to copy him.All About Spelling-2284

With Calvert, the kids get assessed every 20 lessons beginning in first grade.  Krash just completed his first round of these “tests” and did well!  He’s such a big boy now!Homeschool-2224

We are moving along with Draw, Write, Now ~ this week we worked on drawing a cow!Homeschool-2286

Pac snapped this sweet pic of Krash and I reading together…Homeschool-2287


Pac also completed his first assessment of the year and did really well.  I honestly couldn’t believe how much information was packed into it, even I had to study just to help him study!Homeschool-2198

And again, one of the sweetest parts of homeschooling…Homeschool-2217

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…