Weekly Wrap-up ~ A Short Week

We got back from our vacation a day late, and lost another day of school this week to due a church event, so our Weekly Wrap-up is a but on the shorter side this week!


Krash is in the middle of his 3rd week of Calvert 1st grade. Here he was tracing his sight words for the week…Calvert 1st Grade Sight Words

His Draw, Write, Now drawing was a sheep, we take about 3 days to complete it {1-pencil drawing and word tracing, 2-coloring, 3-background}.Draw, Write, Now Sheep

After he completed his sheep, we found some videos on YouTube of sheep being sheared!  he loved this!  We watched this one, and this one.Sheep Shearing Video


Pac is up to chapter 7 in Shiloh and he is really enjoying this book.  He especially enjoys it when the reading occurs like this….Reading Shiloh

Reading Shiloh

We are surviving 5th grade math so far.  He loves math, I do not.  I have a bit of anxiety over teaching any math above 2nd grade, and now I have 3rd and 4th under my belt and am venturing into 5th.  God is crazy having me do this if you ask me!5th Grade Homeschool Math


We are still doing our science experiments!  This one was about vascular plants and how water travels through the veins. Krash loves to sit in on these.Vascular Plants Science Experiment

Vascular Plants Science Experiment

Vascular Plants Science Experiment

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…