Playful Learning with Spielgaben June 2015

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here and also see links to our past posts. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.  I will be sharing once a month a detailed post featuring Spielgaben.  You can also see my Learning with Ladybug posts to see what my daughter has done with this learning set!

Math with Spielgaben

Lessons We Enjoyed

This month we reviewed number combinations.  Below you can see screenshots from the pdf file we used from the Math Guide, Play 8.

  Spielgaben Math Guide Play 8


This was such a great lesson for Ladybug.  She knows basic addition and has memorized many facts.  Breaking numbers apart in a hands on way is so important for deeper understanding.  The Spielgaben math guide give me so many ideas to use with her.

First, she sorted the sticks I had pre-selected for her from our set.  We compared them and put them in order.

Spielgaben -8195

Then, she made a set of blocks with 1-6 on them {tape and a Sharpie}. We used those blocks to make number combinations up to 6.

Spielgaben -8199


We then added more blocks, up to 10 and continued the process.

Spielgaben -8205


It was just challenging enough for her, the sweet spot of developmentally appropriate.  She wasn’t frustrated, but it wasn’t too easy either.

Spielgaben -8207


I took a small video for you to show us in action.

Free Play

Free play happens quite a bit, I just don’t always get photos!  Here’s a few I captured of her creating more block puzzles!  She got out her old puzzles and asked to make more!  These are so fun and simple to make, she loves them.

Spielgaben -8226

Spielgaben -8216

Spielgaben -8223

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