Lessontrek Homeschool Lesson Planner

Lessontrek Lesson Planner


One of the best things I added to our homeschool life is definitely Lessontrek. A few years ago Lessontrek entered my life thanks to a review I agreed to do. The rest is history. I fell in love and have used it ever since. They are now a blog sponsor which is an added bonus, I love promoting products I already love!

We are coming up on the end of our third year using Lessontrek. This is the first year we have had a high school student and it has been so helpful for that! I have used the gradebook feature all year long to keep a running grade average for Pac, which he has loved.

I took some screenshots to show you my favorite features, especially when using this for homeschool high school.

First, here’s a screenshot of the subject area. When you begin a school year, you load each subject and give it a color. This is also where you edit settings such as grading periods, grading info and more.

Lessontrek Yearly Subjects


This is where you can see all graded assignments at a glance. I am only showing you history and only a few, but they are all in this section. Anything you set to show a grade will be here. It’s awesome to be able to scroll through this section.

Lessontrek Assignment page sample


Below you can see a sample of the lesson planning section. You record the graded assignments right under the place where you have the day’s assignment. That portion where the Quiz is listed opens up for you to enter the grade. Then it will show up in the grade summary section.

Lessontrek Plan Sample


Here you can see a partial screenshot of the gradebook. This is actually my favorite part. I can easily see his yearly grade all in one place. Each week I add in his graded assignments and then they automatically average. You do have to set up how you want things weighted and such, but once you get each subject set, it is automatic!

Lessontrek Grade Summary Sample


Most of you have seen the lesson plans we print each week, but if you are new to Lessontrek, here’s what I print out each week for each of my kids…

Lessontrek Lesson Plan 9th Grade


Another area I love is the transcript feature. I use this to keep a simple record of his credits for now. In the end I am pretty sure I will design his transcript my own way, but this is a fabulous place to have the information as we move along. See more about this feature in the video!

Here is a 3 minute video walking you through these specific features in a bit more detail.

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