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Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner Features

We have been using an awesome online homeschool lesson planner for many years now and it continues to be just what I need for homeschool lesson planning and record keeping. Over the years Lessontrek has made some upgrades and recently a few features I was really excited about have been developed! We are pleased that Lessontrek is back as a blog sponsor and are excited to share these new features with you!

In the past we have written a few posts outlining features we love, be sure to read about the gradebook feature here, see a video tour here, & answers for FAQ here.

There are several new features since I last shared and several more in the works! Read more below!

Shared Subjects

One of the key new features I am most excited about is shared subjects. This feature allows you to connect a subject between multiple students so you only have to type the plans once. It automatically shows up on the connected students’ lesson plans! This is a major advantage for us this year since my 5th and 8th grader are both doing the same history, geography, writing, and grammar!

Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner Shared Subjects

Below I will share a simple tutorial of how to set this up. I know many of you already use Lessontrek and thought this might be helpful!

First, set up one child using the typical add subject method. Once you have the subject set up for one child, then move on to the steps outlined below.

When you go to set up the next child, click “Import Subject” where you would normally add a subject and it will pull up your other students and their information! Simply select the subject already created for the first child and it will add this to this child! As you type weekly plans they will automatically appear for both students now! No more double typing!

Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner Shared Subjects Tutorial

Attendance Tracking

Another cool new feature is so simple yet needed for many state requirements – attendance tracking! With this added feature, you just click ‘Mark Complete’ at the top of each day in your planner and it keeps track for you. When you click the attendance button it will show you your update {see screenshot below}.

Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner Attendance Tracking

Student Login

My final favorite new feature is the new ability to create a separate login for your student! Your student can login and see their progress and lesson plans without being able to adjust things.

Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner Student Login

Coming Soon

Many of you have asked for the “bump ahead” feature which will allow you to plan ahead and easily bump the entire school year ahead if you get off track for a sick day or some other reason. This feature is in development now!

Coming VERY soon – Google Calendar and other Google products integrations! Yup, you’ll be able to add lessons to your Google Calendar that include the assignments and notes you enter in Lessontrek. You can also create notifications in each lesson that gets added to your Google Calendar. 

More exciting news…Edstart Logo

Lessontrek was accepted into Amazon Web Services EdTech program called: AWS EdStart. It will help make Lessontrek more scalable, reliable, and secure!

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    Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner FAQ

    Lessontrek has been a part of our homeschool for years now and I am so thankful. I was asked to review it years ago and honestly thought it would be a quick review and I wasn’t even sure I would use it long term. Lessontrek is an integral part of our homeschool and has been such a helpful addition, I can’t imagine not having it now! We are happy to have them as a blog sponsor. I get many questions about Lessontrek whenever I share online and I thought I would write a post addressing some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, feel free to leave a comment!

    Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner FAQ

    Do you print paper copies for your kids each week?

    Yes I do and this is why Lessontrek is so helpful. It gives me the records I need online and it gives my children a weekly checklist that holds them accountable and give us all a very clear focus. Once the week is done, I file the pages into each child’s notebook.

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    Do you plan your entire year at once using Lessontrek?

    No, I actually type lessons into Lessontrek on a weekly basis. I plan out each subject ahead of time separately and then each Sunday I enter in our weekly lessons into Lessontrek. I choose to do it this way so I always feel flexible to make changes as needed and to avoid the feeling of being behind if something comes up {sickness, family need, etc.}

    Can you bump lessons forward?

    Lessontrek does not have a feature allowing you to bump lessons forward. This is not a feature I even need due to the way I do things anyway. But I have been asked this. They do have an awesome copy and paste feature which makes small changes easy.

    Why aren’t the colored boxed printing on my plans like I see in your photos?

    This is a feature in your printer settings. On mine I have a box to check that says “show background images” and if that is off, the colored boxes won’t print. If your boxes are printing gray, look for this setting in your printer area.

    Do you use the gradebook feature?

    YES! This is one of my favorite features of Lessontrek. I actually have an entire post about it here. It has been so so helpful especially with a high school student.Lessontrek Gradebook Feature

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    Lessontrek Homeschool Lesson Planner

    Lessontrek Lesson Planner


    One of the best things I added to our homeschool life is definitely Lessontrek. A few years ago Lessontrek entered my life thanks to a review I agreed to do. The rest is history. I fell in love and have used it ever since. They are now a blog sponsor which is an added bonus, I love promoting products I already love!

    We are coming up on the end of our third year using Lessontrek. This is the first year we have had a high school student and it has been so helpful for that! I have used the gradebook feature all year long to keep a running grade average for Pac, which he has loved.

    I took some screenshots to show you my favorite features, especially when using this for homeschool high school.

    First, here’s a screenshot of the subject area. When you begin a school year, you load each subject and give it a color. This is also where you edit settings such as grading periods, grading info and more.

    Lessontrek Yearly Subjects


    This is where you can see all graded assignments at a glance. I am only showing you history and only a few, but they are all in this section. Anything you set to show a grade will be here. It’s awesome to be able to scroll through this section.

    Lessontrek Assignment page sample


    Below you can see a sample of the lesson planning section. You record the graded assignments right under the place where you have the day’s assignment. That portion where the Quiz is listed opens up for you to enter the grade. Then it will show up in the grade summary section.

    Lessontrek Plan Sample


    Here you can see a partial screenshot of the gradebook. This is actually my favorite part. I can easily see his yearly grade all in one place. Each week I add in his graded assignments and then they automatically average. You do have to set up how you want things weighted and such, but once you get each subject set, it is automatic!

    Lessontrek Grade Summary Sample


    Most of you have seen the lesson plans we print each week, but if you are new to Lessontrek, here’s what I print out each week for each of my kids…

    Lessontrek Lesson Plan 9th Grade


    Another area I love is the transcript feature. I use this to keep a simple record of his credits for now. In the end I am pretty sure I will design his transcript my own way, but this is a fabulous place to have the information as we move along. See more about this feature in the video!

    Here is a 3 minute video walking you through these specific features in a bit more detail.

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    Our Favorite Homeschool Lesson Planner

    You may have seen my color-coded piece of paper in the background of many of my homeschool photos. We have three of these lovely papers each week and they are a constant sight in our homeschool. I rely heavily on these awesome pieces of paper and so do my kids. The actual magic occurs on a Saturday afternoon when I sit at my computer and easily copy/paste, drag/drop and create lesson plans for each of my children. I click print and we are ready!

    Homeschool Lesson Planning with Lessontrek


    We have used Lessontrek for years now and have no plans of switching to anything else. I have blogged about Lessontrek several times, and honestly when we were first given the chance to review it I thought it would be a passing review, I had no idea I would continue to use it for this long! I am grateful for the sanity this online lesson planner provides to me.

    You can see sample lesson plans from this homeschool year in our 2nd, 5th, and 9th grade wrap-up posts! I type up plans on a weekly basis, so I can easily adjust and make changes as needed. I then print the plans for each child and we use the paper copy during the week to keep us on track.

    2nd Grade Homeschool Lessontrek 5th Grade Homeschool Lessontrek Lessontrek Lesson Plan 9th Grade


    Lessontrek has been building new features for its customers and wants to include Shared Subjects, Attendance Tracking, Grade Reports, and many other useful features that improve the functionality. They need to hire a small team of software programmers to help make this program even better!


    Not sure you want an entire year, give the FREE 2 week trial a shot!



    Lessontrek ~ A Great Choice for Your Homeschool Planning Needs

    Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner

    {disclaimer ~ Lessontrek is a blog sponsor}

    We have been using Lessontrek for 2 years and I can’t imagine my homeschool planning without it! Recently I have taught my oldest son {currently in 8th grade} how to use Lessontrek to create his own lesson plans!

    Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) skills are becoming an essential part of education due to the high demand for these skills in the near and distant future. When our children go into the workforce in 2025, for example, they’ll be well equipped to perform at higher levels than other kids because the home school community can do a better job fostering the STEM education in the home. Lessontrek built a productivity application that nurtures STEM related curriculum. It not only equips the parent but the child as well to learn how to use modern and updated software applications to assist them with their daily tasks, and to prepare them for the types of software applications they’ll use in 2025.

    Lessontrek -4149


    As you can see in the video below, he is fully capable of using the Lessontrek software to build his lesson plans. This not only encourages the development STEM skills but also encourages independence and teaches him to organize and manage his time. I want to do all I can to prepare him for college and beyond, both academically and in the area of time management!

    He has a lovely sense of humor and he isn’t all too thrilled about me not doing his lesson plans any longer! Growing up and becoming more independent isn’t easy, but it’s good for him!

    We have other reviews of Lessontrek, you can read my initial impressions here in our first review, and another post I wrote here. A video overview of the lesson planning feature is here and a peek inside the gradebook feature is here.

    Lessontrek-Online-Homeschool-Planner[1]  Homeschool-Lesson-Planning-with-Less[1]  Lessontrek Gradebook Feature Review

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