Home Art Studio 3 Bowls Project

Home Art Studio Project Three Porridge Bowls

Home Art Studio has been a part of our homeschool for years now and we are happy to have them as a blog sponsor. You can see all of the projects I have blogged about here! Home Art Studio sent us curriculum to review years ago and I bought the 2nd Grade DVD to use with my daughter this year. We didn’t finish it during the school year so we are still using it this summer!

Recently she completed the Three Porridge Bowls project which was based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Home Art Studio -3

She was a bit frustrated in keeping the sizes of the bowls so  we did some practice drawings before she moved to drawing her bowls on the watercolor paper.

She chose designs for each bowl and drew them in pencil and then outlined using a Sharpie marker.

Home Art Studio -1

After painting her bowls, she glued them onto the black background to complete her project!

Home Art Studio -2

Her finished project!

Home Art Studio -4

Home Art Studio Information

Home Art Studio is an award winning DVD/ROM based art education program, taught by Lindsey Volin, designed for homeschooling families. Every fun art project teaches students experience, but who want to ensure that their children receive a well-rounded arts education.

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