Looking Back ~ Top Content from 2020

It’s fun to look back in life and as a blogger. I love seeing what my readers loved the most and wanted to share what I found with you. Below you will find the top 10 NEW posts in 2020, the top 10 posts visited in 2020 {from any time}, our top 10 FREE downloads, top 10 products from our shop, and our top 10 referring sites!

These are our top ten NEW blog posts in 2020:

  1. Peppa Pig Kindergarten Printables
  2. African Animals Montessori Printables
  3. Free Science Printables
  4. Beach Fun Printables
  5. 6th Grade Reading List
  6. Brown Bear Dot Fun
  7. Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook
  8. Kindergarten Homeschool Plans
  9. Forest Animals Montessori Printables
  10. Elena of Avalor Kindergarten Printables


Our blog has been around a while and often old content is the most visited. These ten posts were the top overall visited posts during 2020.

  1. All Printables A-Z
  2. Homeschool Curriculum Reviews
  3. Preschool, Tot, and Kindergarten Packs
  4. Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart
  5. Paw Patrol Printables
  6. All By Myself Preschool Boxes
  7. Fall Mini Books
  8. Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables
  9. Pumpkin Printables
  10. 3rd Grade Reading List


Top FREE Downloads

  1. Fall Mini Books
  2. Toy Story Printables
  3. Ocean Animal Montessori Printables
  4. Farm Montessori Printables
  5. Mickey Mouse & Friends Printables
  6. Backyard Birds Montessori Printables
  7. Handwriting Charts
  8. Brown Bear Printables
  9. Crawly Creatures Montessori Printables
  10. Flower Montessori Printables


Top Selling Products from our Shop

  1. What Begins With?
  2. Beginning Sounds Mazes
  3. Tot School Printables Bundle
  4. Country by Country Bundle
  5. Alphabet Bundle
  6. Finish the Picture A to Z
  7. USA State by State
  8. Let’s Trace Letters
  9. Fall Mega Bundle
  10. Letter Mazes


Instagram Top 9

As a fun extra, I am adding in our TOP Nine from Instagram. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, I’d love to have you!