Independent Reading

We all hope our children will become kids who LOVE to read. I don’t know about you but my son was not born loving books. He likes them, he just doesn’t LOVE them, like I do! His little brother (19 mos) LOVES books, and of course it has me all excited! You can imagine my smile as I walked in on P reading and giggling today. He continued giggling long enough for me to capture this unstaged shot (thankfully the camera is always close by). I am having P read by himself using his easy reader box, we began at 10 minutes and are adding 1 minute per day. He is LOVING this. Until now, independent reading had been something that just sort of fit in the day. I have felt the need to plug this into our daily schedule now and already we are both loving it!

What does he read? Here’s some of the books that are in his easy reader box.
Brand New Readers (we have multiple sets of these)
Now I’m Reading!: Look Around! (we have this set and others)
Open Court Readers (we had these donated from a school)
Reading Rod Readers
Phonics books from his Calvert Curriculumn
A few Sunshine Readers (I used to teach public school K and we used these tons)
He also has a few Step Into Reading books that he really likes right now