Tot School

We had a great tot school week this week! I was a bit more on target this week with the whole (good) Mommy thing :). I think I may be finally adjusting to the summer (lack of) schedule. I was dying to go back to the school schedule, but I am relaxing a bit now and just enjoying the time off. I tend to do better with a routine that stays similar, summer throws me all off!

We brought out the Nemo Tot-Book early in the week and K had a good time looking through it although he didn’t love it quite as much as his Cars one!!This, on the other hand, he LOVED!!!!And this…he LOVED–getting his brother (who was trying to rest in the warm sun)!PAYBACK!!!He saw this puzzle on a shelf and asked me to get it down. I love it that he can now really communicate what he wants to work with. Although that also means he can clearly communicate when he does NOT want to work with something! That’s not as nice.We are up to Ee in our ABC notebook (in case you didn’t know or are just joining us, we are going through each letter of his name)Hands-On Learning: Match, Trace and Write the Alphabet Mats

He asked for his Cars Tot-Book several times this week, and really enjoyed coloring over and over again on the pages!
We also went and colored the Nemo cards, he really likes coloring the things in the Tot Books.Then he glanced up and saw a “Nemo” book with our ocean themed stuff for P’s summer study. He asked me to get it down and he had a good few minutes looking through it!
I got out our Candy Land DVD Game for some color work. We had a great time playing various games that involved running around and being crazy while we learned. I had the boys go and get me certain colors, stomp on certain colors, stack them up–all sorts of different things to engage K in some playful color work. He still only consistently knows yellow. He is getting better, but colors aren’t his thing :). He can recognize ALL uppercase letters-but colors…yeah–not his thing.Here he is practicing his balancing skills, on our Cooshie Booster
–nice socks buddy. Yeah he pulled them up like that 😉
He is really into this Pets Jigsaw Book right now. He can do the simple puzzles almost alone now and will often bring me the book and ask me to do it with him!The Stacker Pegs/bears toys we have are always a big hit with both boys. This week it was cool because K stacked (sorted) by color on his own for the first time!!

We spent some time drawing on our Aquadoodle K made his first Mr. Potato Head creations this week! He has never really been too interested in them and then he shocked me and spent a very long time creating. I was so excited to capture his unique creatures!!!

If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

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