Our School Room ~ Ready for the New Year!

First, I must tell you, I used to be a public school Kindergarten teacher. This is important for you to know for 2 reasons…#1 it explains my LOVE of bright colors, it just isn’t school for me without a classroom like this-it makes me happy. #2 I have tons of stuff (school type stuff) that I saved from when I used to teach. I was one of those teachers who bought things with personal money for my classroom when I taught, and I got to keep all of that when I quit, I just boxed the MANY goodies up and now finally have a use for them!!

I have purchased many things for this room, but have spent a very moderate amount of money. I thank Ikea and Target for that!!! I sure wish they were paying me because I am about to put a big plug in for them :). I will try to link up specific things I love in case you are interested and have an Ikea near you!

Here we go…Command central, our table. We do everything here! The table itself is from Ikea, as are the stools, the table trays (which I got a new one for Pac Man for this year), and even the trash can!! I am fortunate that Krash does leave the table trays alone. He is a wild child but is obedient for the most part so he usually stays out of them.Here we have our drawers, P’s storage board, files with P’s school books, our cd player, cd basket, and a storage box. If you want to know what is in the drawers I tell about them on the video linked above. Here’s a close up of P’s board…Krash can’t reach this!We finally hung the dry erase board up on the wall, a task on the to-do list all last year!!!This is our back door, which has been changed a bit, I added some hooks to the wall too. These are the baskets hanging on the wall, they are great! Hanging on the back of the door holding our balls is this.Look, the dark hole is clean!!!!!
REALLY clean!!! I am praying I can keep it this way!!! Sitting on top of the radiator, are these.These are the shelves lining the other wall…These boxes are on these shelves. I couldn’t live without these boxes, they are 1.49 now, I got them when they were only 99 cents! You can’t see them in my photos, but we use these to store books. I have a big bookshelf in the living room, where all of the books are sorted by theme. I pull the box we are using into the school room when we need it.

Here is the far left shelf up close…This is the Tot School shelf, if you want to know what’s on it, check out my Tot School Tools store!Moving along…I LOVE my new dollar trays from Target. If you like them, go to Target, they probably still have them, I just got them last week! Final shelf…
This is the last wall, more drawers (from Target, I think on sale this week for $10), and my storage board. And, holding artwork on our wall now, these neat things.My board close up…It feels so good to have it all ready, I feel SO much better than I did last year! I am praying I have organized it in a way that I can keep it clean. I tried to get rid of lots of junk we don’t use to simplify what is in there. We’ll see!

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