Tot School ~ 1/2 a week

~Krash is currently 33 months old~
It was a short week for us. It seems SO many of us (online friends) are battling illness right now-it stinks! Pac Man got it first, then me, and now Krash. I was in the hospital last night-good ol’ pregnancy-for some IV fluids to try to bring my high heart rate down. I am still really sick, but able to be at home. The only reason I am even on the computer is because it is easier to breathe sitting up. Thankfully my dad is here helping and my husband is still not sick.

So, before we all got sick, we did have some tot school fun! Here’s Krash spooning glass jewels into our heart shaped ice cube tray. He loves spooning activities.Here he is sticking out heart shaped sticks (Dollar Tree) into a styrofoam disk (also Dollar Tree). He loved doing this.He had fun when we all made the Land Before Time Dinos togetherHere he is pouring beads using a funnel and my new favorite free tool-our cleaned coffee creamer bottle! I am now collecting these for future ideas too! My husband just laughs at the items that now end up in the dish washing tub.He liked clipping the correct colored clothespins onto large colored craft sticks.He has never really liked these but finally this day, he did! He completed about 4-5 of the circles!He spent over 30 minutes playing with Play Doh this day…I taught him how to make the creatures with hair and how to cut it, he loved this!We played with our awesome foam ABC blocksicon one day and turned it into a game of basket-block-ball.Automoblox came out for awhile, it is one of my favorite toys to sit back and watch him play with.Finally, we put together his Cars and Pooh $1 store puzzles in a straight line and pretended they were a balance beam! He really like this and I loved watching him!

If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

If you’ve never read this: Go HERE 1st for more details– please do!!! Then if you have any ideas you’d like to share, link up your exact post to Mr Linky (if you have questions about how to do that, let me know in a comment or email-links to homepages will automatically be deleted).

New: when you add your name(blog name) to Mr. Linky will you put your tot’s age (in months) after it, like this: 1+1+1=1 (33 mos)? I think this will help new readers a lot as they look for ideas for their specific aged tot!