Raising Rock Stars ~ Tower of Babel

Bible Story…Tower of Babel

Daddy began by reading the kiddos the story from a printed copy, since we didn’t have a story book about the Tower of Babel. The best part was when Daddy demonstrated different languages, as you can see…

Of course we had to build towers as we reenacted the story!

We also looked at an image of a painting showing what the tower is thought to look like…

I helped the boys put together this Tower of Babel craft

I made the boys this tower craft. They each had a stack of bricks (printed on cardstock), and created their own tower. Then we talked about the type of character qualities God DOES want us to possess and glued words representing those qualities on our bricks. We discussed how the people in the story were building a tower for THEMSELVES and we were building our towers for GOD! You can download the PDFs for the whole activity here on the webpage.

We colored our coloring page and mini book about the story…

Not pictured is a cute little song I found called “B-A-B-E-L” that the boys enjoyed singing with me!

Resources used this week:

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