Raising Rock Stars ~ CHRISTmas…Candy Canes


We based our entire family night on Candy Canes! We began by reading the book, J Is for Jesus, which teaches about the symbolism of the candy cane.IMG_6926

After Daddy read the book, I had small pipe cleaner candy canes for the boys. If they could recall something the book said about the candy cane, they got to add a candy cane to our tree. Of course this was WAY over Krash’s ability level, so Daddy whispered the answers to him…IMG_6930

…and he excitedly hung up his candy canes! IMG_6937

Afterward I had one of the items I had made for the Christmas Tot Pack, Candy Cane ABCs. We put them in order all together, in the shape of a candy cane (J is for Jesus) on the floor. Krash led us all in running around them while singing our ABCs! ~the ABCs are meant to be cut apart for matching upper/lower case, but we just didn’t cut them yet!IMG_6943

Then it was to the table to color our book about the symbolism of the Candy cane. IMG_6948

Krash was SUPER proud of the page he colored and told me to make sure I saw the ABCs he colored. IMG_6956

Finally, we made a patterned candy cane, Pac glued the green, Krash the white-it was a good lesson in turn-taking!IMG_6951

We hung it up as a J is for Jesus!IMG_6961


We then told the boys it was time for bed, Pac even went up to get his jammies on. When he came back down to give us a kiss, we surprised the boys with a special present! In the box were 2 candy canes, 2 candy cane flavored Hershey Kisses and a new Curious George Christmas movie! We let them stay up late and each eat their mini candy canes and Kisses while we all watched George together. When Pac hugged me goodnight, he kept telling me thank you and that it was one of the best nights ever! It was a really fun family night (although Ladybug was missing since she went to bed early). I am SO thankful for these family times together!



The boys also have a Christmas verse for the next couple of weeks!

Christmas Luke 2
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