Raising Rock Stars ~ 10 Plagues

10 Plagues

I had grand plans, as you will see. They were plans that I just knew both boys would enjoy {loud and interactive}. I do believe they enjoyed them, but attitudes were flying and we spent more time disciplining than teaching about Moses! In hindsight I can laugh, but let me assure you-I was not laughing at all while it was occurring!.

Daddy read a modified version of the 10 Plagues from The Anytime Bible… both boys really like this Bible and have been enjoying learning about this, so this part was OK.IMG_1247

Then we used the props I created for us to reenact the story together. I made images for each plague {I printed on cardstock, cut them out and taped them to popsicle sticks}… 10 plagues1and also signs for Pac to be Moses “Let My People Go!” and Krash to be Pharaoh “No!”. I was “God” bringing the newest plague {that’s why I don’t have any action shots…Daddy was busy entertaining Ladybug as she ate the plagues}.


As fun as this was, seriously the bad attitudes were just invading all of the fun, it was very discouraging. We did get through it, and actually I plan to do the whole thing again this week with the boys during school time when moods are a bit better!

After our little drama, we sang Pharaoh, Pharaoh. The best was Daddy dancing Ladybug around like an Egyptian!IMG_1262 So, once again, I share with you and remind myself that family Bible time does NOT usually go as planned. Our sinful hearts are stubborn and strong willed. Ugliness often attacks right when we are trying to do the very best thing for our families-teach them God’s word! I know Satan would love nothing more than to attack this time, but we will not give up!

Resources used this week:

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