Raising Rock Stars ~ Baby Moses

Baby Moses

Praise God!!!! We had a wonderful family night! After last week’s evening, I really needed this and am so thankful to God for this wonderful and fun evening. We introduced Exodus and Moses, obviously beginning with the baby Moses story, which is so fun for kids. Daddy read them the baby Moses story from The Anytime BibleIMG_0199

Then it was time for a little reenacting fun! Pac Man played the part of Miriam, I was the Mommy, and Krash was the Egyptian princess! We laid a blue blanket out to be the water and put a baby doll in a basket. It was SO fun! Daddy helped K be the princess and guided him to reenact the story. Pac did great on his own. It really was so much fun, they were SO into it!



We then went together to color our mini book, and of course baby Moses had to come with us…IMG_0212

We ended the night by watching, VeggieTales – Duke and the Great Pie War, just the first segment that features a funny Veggie style retelling of the baby Moses story. We all giggled together, it was great! The best part was seeing Krash sit with baby Moses on the couch… IMG_0215 He is still pretty obsessed with baby Moses, it’s so adorable! We have many more weeks of Moses planned, I hope he enjoys grown-up Moses as much as he enjoyed baby Moses! Knowing Krash-I think the burning bush, 10 plagues, and parting of the red sea will be right up his alley! It should be a fun few weeks!

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