Raising Rock Stars ~ Moses & the Burning Bush

Moses & the Burning Bush

We had another good week, I think I have learned my lesson. As much as I want to do crafts and creative things, I just can’t do much with an active KRASH around. The season for a quieter family Bible time will certainly come, and all too soon I am sure. I will sit around with 3 older kids who won’t play my active games and I will miss the days of loud craziness! So, I am embracing K’s energy and taking that into account in my planning a lot more than I had been previously.

We began our evening reading from Guess What? Story Bible, a really fun Bible with hidden words and a neat little fish decoder. Krash was the word finder and loved it.IMG_0473

We then played an active and fun game of “Follow the Leader,” each taking turns being the leader (even the dog played). IMG_0476

After we got some energy out, we sat down while I explained to the boys that God was Moses’ leader. I introduced our coloring pages…

Moses Burning Bush Printables1Moses Burning Bush Printables2

I used these to talk about the fear Moses felt when God first asked him to lead His people out of Egypt, not to mention that the bush was on fire and not burning up!!! We remembered that God had big plans for Moses even when he was a young boy, and that God has plans for us too! I made each of my children a sheet like the one on the right (yes there is a little girl one that we colored for Ladybug), and we talked about how this story applies to them.

They each colored their sheet and Daddy colored the Moses page for us! I colored Ladybug’s for her since she was taking an evening nap!



It was a fun and simple night, I hope to have many more like this in the future!


Resources used this week:

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