Preschool ~ Letter Tt ~ 10 Commandments

~ Krash is currently 4 years old ~

We kicked off our official preschool this past week {not counting the trial week we did so I could test my new curriculum}. Krash gave me a teeny bit of a hard time, I am guessing since we were just recently back from vacation and beginning something new again. He is a limit-tester…but I reminded him that I am indeed the boss – still.

You’ll notice some new labels for my preschool posts…a bit different from the old Tot School labels, new ones are explained in italics.

Rock starsThis will be the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum.

Our Letter this week was Tt, our verse: Thou shall not steal…although we focused on the entire 10 commandments for our unit.

K did a good job tracing his straight lines…IMG_6547 copy

He cut out every single vocabulary card by himself! IMG_6550

He wasn’t to thrilled with coloring, but he did it.IMG_6568

This is our Letter Tt Playlist {songs are linked up on the Tt Resource webpage}, having my iPod made singing each day SOOO much easier {thankfully Daddy donated his iPod dock/speaker 😉 } IMG_6671

K used his popsicle stick prop while we sang our theme song…The Perfect 10IMG_6670

We used the book, Hand Commands throughout the week also, and merged the movements in with the song. Another favorite song this week was Trust in the Lord, from an old VBS cd we have {also linked on the Tt webpage}

He enjoyed cutting his big verse out, and we measured it against him and discussed that it was much shorter than he was, we also measured to see how many “verses” tall he was!IMG_6649

He LOVED this craft!!!! The dot paint was all his idea, he made 10 dots on the tablets, then he dot painted each number as we counted together… IMG_6687

I cut the numbers out while he cut the tablets out, then he glued each number on by himself…IMG_6707

He was SO pound of it!!!! IMG_6712 copy

We did our Power Point lesson every day. Some days he was VERY into it and others he seemed burdened ;-)…oh the ever changing moods of a preschooler.IMG_6565I added a video here showing the main board and also the power point lessons. I am still working on getting the Members Only section ready which is where the Power Point lessons will be, so I am sorry they aren’t available yet.

in the box

This will be where I share additional learning toys, games, printables, and more that are in our preschool workboxes for the week.

He has mastered his geo shape sorter, and can get them all in, and in order now…IMG_6591

We played Leapfrog Bingo one more time… IMG_6562 copy

He worked on his spelling boardsIMG_6564 copy

He did a few letter puzzles {from Ross last year}…IMG_6664 copy

He put some color word puzzles together {these are from Costco last year}IMG_6551

game time

I am starting something new with Krash…to help keep me accountable in an area I often ignore-yet know is so beneficial for him…GAMES! We have so many wonderful games that are both educational and FUN. I am hoping to choose one game per week to play each day. Just this week I have seen how valuable this time is, I hope I can stick with it {games aren’t my favorite thing}!

This week I chose The Ladybug Game, which we have had for months. He loved it and we played it at least once each day, sometimes more than once!

Skills we focused on while playing…

  • taking turns, and what was involved in your turn {choosing a card, moving spaces, etc.} IMG_6610
  • counting 1-6 and identifying #s 1-6 {the cards featured these numbers}
  • reading the word “go,” we really focused on this since lots of the cards said “Go Again” IMG_6608
  • dealing with defeat, and how to be a good loser
  • working together with his brother…by the 3rd day I let them play without me and they actually did rather well {I was a bit shocked} IMG_6720

Life School

HOT weather arrived and we busted out the pool and water guns!IMG_7036

Moms favIMG_6974


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