Raising Rock Stars ~ Ruth


Daddy read the kids the story of Ruth from the Bible this past week.  I wrapped up the story of Ruth by using a few paper dolls I made from www.MakingFriends.com.  I made a doll for Naomi, Ruth and Boaz…to illustrate the story as I read it to the boys from our Anytime Bible.

IMG_4298 After listening to me, we watched the story of Ruth on our Bible DVD.  After the short DVD story, we discussed the details that the DVD left out {which were way over K’s head but Pac man totally got}.  We mainly discussed how the DVD said that Boaz simply asked Ruth to marry him, but the Bible shares TONS more details of what led up to their marriage.  This is one reason I love reading from the real Bible and also children’s Bibles.

I wasn’t able to get any photos during our lesson this week 😉

Resources used this week:

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