Preschool Printables and New ABC PowerPoint

When I found these ABCs, I just had to make something with them.   I pulled together a simple ABC show, bringing up the letters one at a time with the click of the arrow or mouse, to allow a child to go at his/her own pace. The Power Point is a neat way to sing the alphabet song even with a younger tot, as each letter can be pulled up as you sing it.

I then made these simple cards to be printed to go along with the show. You could print 2 and use them for a memory game, print one set and cut the word off the bottom and have your child match the word to the correct card.  Or just use them as simple, fun ABC flashcards!ABCs

The cards are available for free here on my Preschool Printables: Alphabet page.  The PowerPoint is located in the Members Only section!