Christmas Learning Fun ~ Days 5, 6, & 7

We have had a fun past few days, I just haven’t had a chance to post it, so I am combining a few days.  You can see our 10 Days of Christmas Fun plans here.

I got really slack with the plans AND the camera, being so frustrated not having my real camera.  I did capture some of our fun though!!  The kids continue to enjoy finding the one new item I add to the sensory bin each day.  Pac Man is very good about reminding me if I forget!IMG_6752

I am working on different skills with them while they play, this day I made patterns with them and then noticed Ladybug stacking the cylinders on her own!!

IMG_6753  IMG_6754

Ordering by sizeIMG_6760

Krash was not at all interested in copying my Christmas pattern, but Ladybug loved it!!!IMG_6761

Want to see who else stays in her jammies a little too long some days…IMG_6758

Working on our shooting star treesIMG_6767

Making the word catIMG_6772

Mickey Christmas MazeIMG_6775

Making patterns with Mary, Joseph and Baby JesusIMG_6777

Ladybug LOVES all of the Christmas additions and will dig through our bucket often.  I let the kids play with the games we have already done and find other creative ways to use them.  Ladybug’s favorite activity is throwing them over her shoulder.IMG_6779

The very best Christmas fun actually occurs outside of the schoolroom, when we cuddle up and watch a good Christmas movie in the middle of the day!IMG_6765

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