Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 4

We had another great Christmas fun day!! You can see our 10 Days of Christmas Fun plans here, this is Day 4!

The favorite activity of the day was definitely “Delicious Decorations.”  We made ornament crackers and also made Christmas trees using our cutter from this awesome set.


I was the most thrilled that Krash consumed lots of veggies without making a big old fuss about them!

IMG_6727 IMG_6720

They both liked Roll a Reindeer, except Krash doesn’t like not knowing the correct color.  He doesn’t like much coloring freedom, everything has to be just-so!  The boys used one of our new cubes, and our printables from Education Cubes.  They LOVE these!!!IMG_6733


Krash is working hard on his ABC tracing book, and we enjoyed putting them all in order!IMG_6735


He loves the letter finding trees.  Such a simple activity to reinforce his lower case letter ID…IMG_6737


Working on the word MaryIMG_6739


We put our “cookies” into our cube and rolled a picture before placing it on our cookie tray.  This made it much more fun for Krash who wasn’t at all impressed with my beautiful cookie matching game.IMG_6743

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