Preschool Printables ~ Name Stamping

Name Stamping Printable

I made Krash and Ladybug a new name stamping worksheet, and decided to make a blank download for those of you who would like it!  I included blank lines at the top and bottom and stamping boxes to use like this…

Name Stamping Public

I included blank sheets for names containing 2-9 letters.  If your child’s name has 10 or more I am sorry-I couldn’t make it fit with this format!

Ladybug is just using the stamps to become familiar with her name.


Krash is using this to fine tune the handwriting of his name {I used a dot font for both his first and last names} and also to learn to write/spell his last name.  He actually has a custom sheet which includes his first and last name together.IMG_5509

If you want to try to make your own, I got the handwriting fonts from Fonts4Teachers, and I used the table tool {I used PowerPoint to make these} to make the boxes-it’s very simple!

We own these stamp sets…


So far we don’t really have a major preference.  The M&D comes with both upper and lower-and an ink pad. The see-through stamps are a bit more expensive but very cool.  I prefer the little storage box of the see through version, but love that the M&D come with both upper and lower and ink!

You can download the blank Name Stamping sheets here on my Preschool Printables webpage!