Tot School ~ Letter Gg

~Ladybug is currently 24.5 months old~


Tot School Printables G is for Goat

Letter: Gg

Object: Goat

Vocabulary Development Theme: Farm

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I set up a farm theme-corner in our schoolroom and she was immediately drawn to it and began exploring. These are toys she has had access to in her room, but just simply moving them and displaying them differently really drew her in.IMG_3165

She really liked this simple book!IMG_3167

We played in our theme corner a lot, with all 3 kiddos. One day we got out the vocabulary cards and did some matching…IMG_3396


She did a lot more coloring this week and enjoyed using markers.IMG_3240

I printed some extra Gg/goat printables from other sites, we got this goat page from DLTK here {B&W 2 under goat}.IMG_3245

We used our homemade play dough to make letters again, she loves this! After I helped her make the letters we got in some fine motor muscle work by making fingerprints around the letters. She got really into this.


We also used our wooden letters to stamp into the play dough…IMG_3192

I colored most of the goats this week, but she did enjoy matching the cubes as we said the colors!IMG_3183 IMG_3541

She actually did the shadow matching this week!!IMG_3243

She did a lot of dot painting again, the page below that is not from my site is from MLF here.

IMG_3173 IMG_3537


She hasn’t been enjoying the number cards so I had to get creative to engage her, I brought them out during our sensory bin time. We used the beans to count 1-5IMG_3406

Then I had her drive Mater {a tiny game piece she loves} while counting with me…stopping on each number to work on 1:1 correspondence.IMG_3413

Finally, we added in some animals from the bin to match up 1:1 and then remove as we counted 1-5.IMG_3416

The shapes were the same story, they just weren’t appealing to her. This week I saw a blog using Tot School Printables and she had an awesome idea to cut the shapes out. Ladybug loves scissors, even when it is just watching me cut! I cut them out in front of her and we talked about them, then I helped her use a glue stick to stick it on a purple paper-she LOVED this!IMG_3252

She actually thought stamping letters was fun this week!!! This was a first-normally she shuts the container and tells me NO!IMG_3544

Tracing was a big hit too and she actually traced on the lines a lot!!!IMG_3557

One of my favorite moments of the week was when I saw here admiring her work! I love seeing the joy in a child’s face when they see what they did proudly displayed for all to see! She was all giddy and ran over to me right after this and we talked about her work!IMG_3497

Letter Gg printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter G




We enjoy our play dough a lot now that it is SO much better {homemade}. We used our jewels this week and she loved pushing them into the play dough and then taking them back out again.IMG_3186

I also hid them in the dough for her and she loved opening it to find them!IMG_3273IMG_3276IMG_3278

We had several farm puzzles out, she did them many times, here was the only photo I had of her with her farm puzzles!IMG_3202

tub of funI set up a farm sensory bin for her, very simple-but she loved it!


Techy Tot

She watched a few PowerPoint shows this week, her favorites being: Colors, & Shapes.

IMG_3571 IMG_3569


Ladybug is my Target shopping pal. We get certain groceries at Target and she and I do that together. She is SO well behaved and I love this time with her. Problem with being so well behaved and sweet-mommy is easily suckered into buying cute things for her. She saw the balls and went nuts-in a cute way. She is always fine when I don’t buy things-which is most of the time, but this week I just had to say yes! The boys begged their entire young lives for a ball pit but we never gave in. I finally did and she LOVES it-so do the boys!!!