Tot School ~ Letter Ii

~Ladybug is currently 25 months old~



Tot School Printables I is for Igloo

Letter: Ii

Object: Igloo

Vocabulary Development Theme: Cold Weather

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

 I didn’t go all out with the theme this week, mostly because I am in wind-down mode with the boys and not feeling very motivate to plan school stuff.  I did have all of her printables prepared though and she was very happy about that!




Dot painting the shapes, you can download letter Ii here {past letters are in past blog posts}IMG_5299Gluing shapes…IMG_5304

She enjoyed putting her vocabulary cards and her color cards into the slot I cut out on top of the can…

IMG_5598  IMG_5602


Letter Ii printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter I



I am enjoying setting up her Tot Trays, I look forward to the fall when I am back in school-mode in my brain!  She is SO into things and I am winding down for a break, but am excited for fall when we do more and more!

I set up an empty container {it is from the Happy Baby frozen cube food} and some beads to sort from our pop bead set.IMG_5245



Finally got the tweezers out for her {this particular pair came from a science kit we have, but similar tweezers are here} and it was perfect timing, she LOVED it!!!!IMG_5256


I gave her 5 stacking cups and 5 matching pom poms to tweeze into the same colored cup.  I can’t even count how many times she did this throughout the week.  BIG HIT!IMG_5264


We got a new Guidecraft toy to review…IMG_5697

I love her face in this one as she was showing me her completed work!IMG_5704



This cookie game was a BIG HIT all week, we played it again and again!IMG_5275


Another popular toy-this # puzzle, which was a hand me down-no clue where it is from!IMG_5248IMG_5279


Stamping her name



Cutting!  Oh does she like cutting!  Krash loved it too, Pac hated it.  I really think these scissors are the BEST for young tots!  Krash used these too, Pac did not.IMG_5314


We enjoyed some block play with our rainbow blocks


and our colored bead blocksIMG_5386


Finally I remembered to let her play with our Automoblox.  They had gotten stored away and forgotten.  All 3 kids loved having them back out again!IMG_5710



Techy TotWe finally got our new iPad 2 after being on a 5 week waiting list.  I had several gift cards so had to wait to get it from BB.  Finally we got it and to say she likes it is a total understatement!  I got it mostly for school use, and already it has gotten a workout!  I have a whole post about our new favorite apps coming soon!!





We had a hot week and enjoyed our water table a lot!

IMG_5493   IMG_5412

I also set up our old baby bath tub as another water play area…

IMG_5440   IMG_5423

One day, she decided to get right in, tennis shoes and all.IMG_5625


Love her sense of fashion.IMG_5475Sweet cheeks.IMG_5637

Miss sweet cheeks has also decided to potty train herself this past week and is now in panties all day long.  Just a tad bit different than my experience with the boys!  I am SO thankful!!!