Tot School ~ Letter Jj

~Ladybug is currently 25 months old~

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Tot School Printables J is for Jellyfish

Letter: Jj

Object: Jellyfish

Vocabulary Development Theme: Ocean Animals

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Ladybug’s coloring skills have improved dramatically! I am honestly amazed with her fine motor skills.  She chose to color a LOT this week!!!  She wanted to color her shapes this week, so that’s what we did!  I colored some, she colored some-that’s how she likes it!IMG_5908

This purple jellyfish, however, she colored completely on her own.IMG_6151

I cannot believe she did this, neither of my boys colored like this at her age.  She spent a good 30 minutes coloring this!IMG_6164

More coloring…IMG_5732IMG_5734

She did want me to color her jellyfish color cards, then I put them in our mini pocket chart for her to point out the color I called out.IMG_5742

We did shadow matching in the pocket chart too…IMG_5846

Counting too…IMG_5856

I have created a new section on my website entitled Montessori Printables, I am posting printables there that are created in a Montessori fashion.  I am slowly transferring the Tot School Printables vocabulary cards into Match-Up/Memory Boards like this…

IMG_5869Yes-the whale is in the wrong place ;-), she fixed it!

This week I printed the page with the words and left it whole to use to match onto, she however, just wanted to color the animals!IMG_5899

You can see the Free Montessori Printables I have available, each set has an instruction sheet also to help you with how to use them.

Letter Jj printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter J

Since we were having some ocean fun I brought out a few printables from my Nemo Tot Book and my Ocean Tot Book.


She especially enjoyed coloring the ocean animals.  We did this over a 2 day period. IMG_5858

The second day she caught on and was telling me which color she needed next!IMG_6172

Tot Books & Packs




I tried to think with an ocean theme for her Tot Trays this week.  I gave her “sea anemones” to spoon {a melon baller spoon} into the correct colored cups.IMG_5723

She LOVED this and did it several times this week!IMG_5727


I got out our tiny fish erasers {Oriental Trading} and a paint tray for her to tweeze them into {this particular pair came from a science kit we have, but similar tweezers are here}.  She did this a few times, but definitely preferred the spikey balls!IMG_6092




We had a few days of play dough fun.  Pressing her letters in…IMG_5920

We even cut play dough snakes this week!IMG_5927

Here she was using the little play dough stamps from our Grasshopper Preschool Prep KitIMG_5932



Techy-Tot_thumb2The iPad continues to get a daily workout!! Ladybug LOVES it!  Here she was playing Toca Doctor-a BIG favorite with all 3 of my kids!IMG_5875

She has many more favorites, I am working on a post to share educational apps we love!



She read a LOT this week, struggling a bit with a cat who likes to lay on her books when she reads!IMG_5842