Tot School ~ Letter Kk

~Ladybug is currently 26 months old~


Tot School Printables K is for Key

Letter: Kk

Object: Keys

Vocabulary Development Theme: Household Objects

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

See Part Two of Letter K is for Key here!  We took two weeks to do this letter!

It has been an unusual week this week at our house! Both of my boys are gone, and Ladybug is an only child!!!! The boys will be visiting with grandparents for 2 weeks {one week with each set} so I have my weeks scheduled out. This past week I did house projects {to be shared soon-one was the school storage room}, and this coming week I am planning our summer school themes and getting as far ahead into fall planning as I can.

In the meantime I am trying to keep Ladybug busy and my little schoolgirl has been carrying on! We didn’t do a lot of formal school, I just spent time with her in between cleaning spurts! She is in LOVE with her new lap tray-purchased at Michaels for less than $4!!! The boys each got one too at that price-thanks to all who helped me with shopping advice!


She is also LOVING her Crayola Dry Erase Center, check out the Kk’s she wrote-I was amazed!!IMG_6866

Dot painting letter Kk {from COAH}…IMG_6876

Dot painting Kk’s on the keys…IMG_6881

Coloring her household objects accordion book…IMG_6883

We didn’t get to everything, so we will extend our Kk week into next week!

Letter Kk printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter K


Stickers on the face…


Pegs in the Twister CurvesIMG_6848

My little artist…IMG_6889

Her first person!!!! She is my earliest person drawer!!IMG_6924

This young lady is obsessed with Hex Bugs. The boys have them and she found them recently and now has her own pink one and claims they all belong to her as well.IMG_6900

Putting them night-night…IMG_6906

Hex Bugs in the cup…IMG_6981

Sharing Hex Bugs with Pop Pop {my husband’s Dad}IMG_6986

This phone was in our thrift store pile and wouldn’t you know, she dug it out and has played with it every day!IMG_6937

We got new Ikea shelves {photos soon}, Ladybug got the box…IMG_6960IMG_6970

Learning time with Pop Pop, she was showing him her shapes/color skills with the puzzle and her vocabulary skills with the flashcards

IMG_7004 IMG_7009

Techy-Tot_thumb2_thumbWe continue to try out new iPad games, especially ones with free lite versions! This is a simple counting 1-10 app with a Montessori style…!IMG_6849


My little bookworm, curled up in her bean bag reading to herself—a daily occurrence!IMG_6833


Wild fun with Daddy…

IMG_7018 IMG_7022