Hands On Rainbows…Toys, Crafts, Books

I had so much fun choosing toys, crafts, books, and manipulatives for Ladybug’s Rainbow theme, I thought I would share some of our  hands-on ideas all in one place! 

Hands On Rainbows

Crafts & Art

Marble Painted Rainbows ~ We used the blank rainbow printable in my Tot Pack, I trimmed it to fit the only box we had suitable for marble painting.  I got out rainbow colors and marbles.  We squirt a bit of paint right into the box and then drop the marble in.  I added different colors as we went along!

IMG_3095 IMG_3115

Make a Rainbow Chain ~ So simple, yet so fun for tots-both during the process and after!  Ladybug and I sat together and taped her chain {we only made one rainbow, but you could keep it going!}.  After we finished she loved playing with it!

IMG_3179 IMG_3184

Fluffy Cloud Rainbows ~ The ever popular rainbow craft, cotton balls, white construction paper and rainbow strips!IMG_3132

Open Ended Art Rainbow ~ there is a blank printable in my Rainbow Tot Pack you can use, or just draw your own! I gave her rainbow colors and a porcupine ring painter and let her paint her rainbow however she chose!IMG_2781

Rainbow Colored Play Dough Fun ~ Use the printable from the Rainbow Tot Pack shown below, or just have fun with rainbow colors!

IMG_3170 IMG_3173


Parachute ~ Our exact parachute is this one from Oriental Trading, I saw this one on Amazon too.  We have a 6 ft version, which is nice for home use.  IMG_2819


Rainbow Balancer ~ This is an awesome toy and she plays with it all the time!IMG_2150


Rainbow Blocks ~ We play with this set all the time, but they were just perfect for rainbow week!image

There are SO many more possibilities with toys, the list could go on and on!  Those were just a few of my favorites!

Other Ideas

Make Your Own Rainbow ~ A piece of styrofoam and some pipe cleaners and you have your own home made rainbow! I set it up for her and she spent loads of time looking at it and touching it. We also took it apart and reassembled it together!  Older kids could put the entire thing together as a craft!IMG_2766

Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Print the song lyrics and laminate, make props out of the printables by laminating them, cutting them out, and taping to colored popsicle sticks.  Use the props while singing!


You can use the foam/pipe cleaner rainbow shown above too!IMG_3205

Make a Game ~ Use a store bought color die, or make your own, grab a collection of matching pom poms.  Have your child roll the die and then move the correct color pom pom into another container {we used a paint tray}.


Water Beads ~ I ordered this set, which is very inexpensive for 5 colors!  The kids absolutely love watching them grow and then playing in them.

IMG_2976  IMG_2982


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