Learning with Ladybug ~ age 4 y, 5 m


Welcome to our weekly preschool at home blog feature, Learning with Ladybug!  As you probably know, I scrapped our preschool plan and built a new one based around our current needs. 

We have a few main preschool categories, you can read the entire plan here, I will break my weekly posts down by category so you can see what she did each week within a certain area. If we have a letter focus, I will do a separate post to make searching easier.  I will do the same for any themes we do.

See our entire Home Preschool Plan here!

Spielgaben ~ Play Based Learning


Again,  Spielgaben has been lots of fun! I didn’t use the materials too much this week, but we did have fun the couple of times we got them out.

We used the wooden shapes from set 2, sphere, cylinder, and cube.  Through play we work on basic attributes and identification. She insisted on having the animals from our Australia Continent Box joining us!

Home Preschool -8323

She had fun making matches, using a different set of items and finding the same shapes in that set too!

Home Preschool -8326 Home Preschool -8330

Finally, we copied patterns…

Home Preschool -8339 

She used her dry erase center to work on her worksheet, matching the shapes.

Home Preschool -8497

FYI ~ I am not being paid at all to continue to share about Spielgaben, I was given the set to review and write one post {this one}.  What you will see from here on out is just because we are loving it so much!

Messy Fun

We have always had lots of messy fun but I am making it a more intentional part of our plan.  Almost all of my ideas are pinned here on my Sensory play board.  I am trying to have one planned messy creation experience per week, even if it just making a new batch of something we’ve already done. 

This wee we tried something new, SLIME!

Slime -8343

We actually tried two different recipes.  They are both all over the web, but I will share the blogs that inspired me.  The first recipe uses liquid starch and glue, I followed the example shown here.

Slime -8354

Ours turned out a little runny at first and I {by mistake} added more glue.  Duh-once we added more liquid starch it got more slime-like and was awesome!

Slime -8404

Slime -8412

We also made the recipe that uses Borax {yes I know it is a bit controversial, I decided it was ok for our family}. We followed this recipe!

Slime -8365

We all liked this one too, it was thicker and didn’t get your hands as messy.

Slime -8368

Slime -8370

She {and the boys} played with both all week!

Home Preschool -8543 Home Preschool -8544


All By Myself Preschool Boxes

She spends about an hour in the afternoon playing with her boxes. Usually this hour starts right after lunch, but if she wants to play messy stuff first, I let her.  I am basically requiring her to float between her boxes or the messy play table, or if she wants to be difficult, she can take a nap.  I sneak in to snap photos, but mostly she plays alone.  Sometimes she comes to get me to show me something too.

All By Myself Preschool Boxes Sept 2013

In her 5 small sensory bins this week: shells, cotton balls, mini erasers, popcorn kernels, rocks

Favorite: popcorn

Home Preschool -8942


Somehow I managed to get lots of pictures this week.  Here’s a peek into her box play time…

She has ignored the shape sorters for a long time, I was surprised to walk in and see her enjoying them!Home Preschool -8034

Same thing with the color puzzles, all of the sudden they appealed to her!

Home Preschool -8039

Home Preschool -8041

She ran in to get me and told me this was a museum!

Home Preschool -8048

Home Preschool -8111

Home Preschool -8114

Love the set up I walked in and found, created mainly with the Who Lives Where pieces.

Home Preschool -8123

Home Preschool -8136

A little force feeding for the horse.

Home Preschool -8134

Sorting ping pong balls into matching craft cups

Home Preschool -8258 Home Preschool -8262

Lacing beads on a pipe cleaner…

Home Preschool -8269


Home Preschool -8270

The mini eraser collection…

Home Preschool -8428

Favorite items this week: Who Lives Where?, Scrabble Alphabet Soup, and sensory items.

See all items that rotate through our boxes here!

All the Rest

C is for Cooperation!  Integrity Time was fun again this week!

Integrity Time -8666

We discussed the meaning of cooperation, and sang a few of the fun songs {and danced of course}

Integrity Time -8662  Integrity Time -8668

For our object lesson, we all cooperated to make a smoothie.  I gave each child different ingredients {spinach, banana, pineapple, plain yogurt, coconut milk, avocado, mango juice}and used this to discuss how working together makes things better.

Integrity Time -8675 Integrity Time -8678Integrity Time -8703 Integrity Time -8713

They all LOVED this lesson, and the resulting smoothies!  We make smoothies almost daily, but making it into a lesson was fun for them.

Integrity Time -8709


We are using  Questions with Answers 1: God & Creation as our background music during much of our quiet and play time.  She calls it her “Bible verse songs” and is slowly learning the words.  Already they have sparked awesome spontaneous discussion, mostly with her asking questions!  I am so glad I decided to use this CD for her this year!

We got a new library stash, which always includes Llama Llama books, we don’t own any, I really need to get her the collection for Christmas! We also always grab a stack of Laura Numeroff books {the ones we don’t already own}.

Home Preschool -8431

Still loves our letter construction set.

Home Preschool -8308

Snuggly iPad learning time, she spends about 30 minutes a day on specific “school games".

Home Preschool -8607

She really likes one of the new ones we recently got when it was free, 123 Tracing HD.

Home Preschool -8605


My little bug collector, we’ve always got something in a jar.  She keeps her pet for about a day and then sweetly lets it go back to nature..

Home Preschool -8645

Home Preschool -8651

See our LETTER M work here, and our Mouse Paint fun, it was done this same week as what you see above!

Home Preschool Letter M  Mouse Paint Preschool Fun


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