Wall-E Preschool Fun

Ladybug is 4 years, 10 months old

Wall-E Preschool Fun 

Wall-E Preschool Printables & Activities We Used ~

We have no Wall-E toys, so I made the best theme shelf I could!  We do have 2 Wall-E books {Smash Trash & Love at First Beep} and  and she hasn’t seen them in awhile so she was thrilled. 

Wall-E -5304

I set up some of the printables and although I was under-impressed with the set up, she was thrilled!

Wall-E -5308

Girl LOVES Wall-E right now so I guess it just didn’t take much to impress her this time!

Wall-E -5309


She went straight for the letter maze which was in our dry erase center.

Wall-E -5319


Dot painting the correct number…

Wall-E -5320


Stickers on the dot fun page…

Wall-E -5349


She had a blast Q-Tip painting Wall-E and Eve…

Wall-E -5379

Wall-E -5390


Dot painting the letters the correct color, she liked this a lot!

Wall-E -5418


Roll and Graph, Krash wanted to join us!

Wall-E -5332


Counting 1-20 with stickers…

Wall-E -5544


I got a few printables from a Disney pack here, she loved the search and find…

Wall-E -5420


Putting Wall-E in order…

Wall-E -5425


Finding 10 differences in each picture, she LOVED this!

Wall-E -5521


Her finished Wall-E work…

Wall-E -5637

It was such a fun week, since she adores Wall-E right now!

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