Kindergarten Literature Based Unit Studies

I will be homeschooling my daughter for Kindergarten, and not using any formal curriculum.  With the boys we loosely followed Calvert, but with her I am doing my own thing and enjoying this final year of glorious early childhood freedom and fun. I am in NO rush to hurry her academically.

As I prayed about what to center our learning around I struggled a bit but then had a light bulb moment. When PacMan was in Kindergarten we did tons of unit studies based around his interests and made Lapbooks together.  I am not in a season of life where I really want to do Lapbooks again, but the unit study idea appealed to me. Literature based curriculum also appealed to me but I did not want to follow a purchased program. So I am inventing my own wheel again!

We will be using Literature based unit studies for the backbone of our Kindergarten. I am certainly not the first to do this, there are wonderful curriculums based around this idea and there are awesome free literature based unit study printables out there too {Homeschool Share is my favorite source}. I will be using many printables from Homeschool Share {thanks Ami!} but I also wanted to choose HER favorite books and develop our own unit studies around those.  Below you can see some of the books we have in our stack so far.

Kindergarten Literature Unit Printables

To prepare for this, I made my list of her favorites, and had her help me collect her favorite books.  Some on our list wouldn’t be my first choice for a unit study, but I am honoring her favorites and following her lead! Here are the books we have on our list so far…

{linked books are done and you can click to see printables}

In developing the unit studies, I am keeping our own personal Kindergarten math and literacy goals in mind. I will be sharing these in more detail in separate posts soon. I actually am working behind the scenes on the first book I chose for her, “Hi! Mr. Pizza Man!” and have had so much fun developing this.  I miss my Kindergarten teaching days and am so excited for this year with my last Kindergartner.

I will be sharing our unit study printables for free, as I develop them.  I am also open to book suggestions.  I have not finished compiling our list, and would love to introduce her to new favorites. She is very picky and I will be focusing my time developing units we will be using personally.

See our units in action by clicking on the graphics below!

Hi-Pizza-Man-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-Study-in-Action.jpg My-Cats-Nick-and-Nora-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-In-Action.jpg The-Selfish-Crocodile-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-in-Action.jpg Goose-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-i.jpg A-Color-of-His-Own-Unit-Study-in-Act1.jpg Mr.-Cookie-Baker-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-in-Action.jpg The-Dog-Who-Had-Kittens-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-Study-In-Action.jpg Counting-is-for-the-Birds-Unit-Study-in-Action.jpg Five-Little-Chicks-Kindergarten-Literature-Unit-in-Action.jpg  

Homeschool-Kindergarten-Math-Goals.jpg Homeschool-Kindergarten-Literacy-Goals.jpg Kindergarten-Homeschool-Curriculum-C1.jpg