Hands On 1st Grade Math with Spielgaben

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.

Hands on 1st Grade Math with Spielgaben


Lessons We Enjoyed

Spielgaben is a wonderful addition to our 1st grade math curriculum.  For now, I am choosing lessons based on her needs.  She has mastered many 1st grade level skills so I knew she didn’t need a full 1st grade curriculum.  Spielgaben is a great fit for her right now!

Each week I choose lessons or worksheets for her and write them into our lesson plans.  Yes, this takes a bit more time than following a pre-written math curriculum, but I want her working on what she needs and will enjoy. I wouldn’t have been as confident in doing this years ago, but now I am after homeschooling 2 other kids at this grade level!

Worksheet Set 5b, Level 3, Activity 1 ~ Picking Apples {in case you own Spielgaben and are looking for these specific worksheets, I label them like this so you can easily find them}.

I chose a few worksheets this month to review adding to 10.  She knows this concept, but reviewing helps solidify the math facts and aids in memorization as she works with her hands to practice. For this activity, she had to look at the baskets of apples and the trees and decide which combos equaled 10. We used the small circles from set 10 to add a more hands-on element to the activity.

Spielgaben -0806

Spielgaben -0814

 Worksheet Set 5b, Level 3, Activity 2 ~ Sharing Lollies also worked on making 10, but was focused on breaking 10 down into 2 parts. This was a bit more challenging but she loved it!  We used the small circles again, and also wrote our match facts on the page after we were done.

Spielgaben -0818


Worksheet Set 5b, Level 3, Activity 3 – Matching Numbers was a simple worksheet to review number bonds of 10.  This was a simple, but good review for her!

Spielgaben -0905


Worksheet Set 5b, Level 3, Activity 4 – Help the Squirrel was another way to practice matching combinations of 10.

Spielgaben -0907


Worksheet Set 5b, Level 3, Activity 5 –Pretty Fish was something different, getting back to working with shapes.  She loves these spatial puzzles.

Spielgaben -0955

Spielgaben -0959

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