Homeschool Wrap Up January & February 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Jan and Feb 2016

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All Together Learning




Our most important subject of the day isn’t really a subject, it’s the heart of our family.  Our morning Bible reading and prayer time continues on, although much more peaceful than when I first shared about it here! Currently, all three children takes turns reading aloud each morning and we discuss what we have read. Daddy leads this time and it’s a routine I treasure.

Homeschool -2544


We do 3 subjects all together and really enjoy our time with our kids all together {most of the time}.

Daddy teaches Mystery of History which is awesome. We are well into book 2.

We still love our Heroes of History books, although we are reading much slower right now – we have had a lot going on.  We are almost done with George Washington. We are still enjoying Liberty’s Kids DVDs, to help deepen our American Revolution knowledge.

You can see our entire World Geography plan here.  Daddy now teaches this too.   

1st & 4th Together Learning

Ladybug and Krash do two subjects together and it is working well!  We do Picture Smart Bible {K-3 Old Testament} and US Geography twice a week.

No Geography pictures this month!

We continue to enjoy Picture Smart Bible together, you can see the pages they have completed recently.  And my daughter’s lovely un-brushed hair.

Bible -2640

Bible -2679


8th Grade

Homeschool -8893  8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices[3]


Pac is by far my least photographed child because a majority of his schooling is done independently or with his Dad.

Here’s a peek of him hard at work on math, Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1.

8th grade -2456


Science continues to be a family favorite, especially when he has an experiment!

8th grade -2717


He is a pretty easy student and we are thankful.  Sure, we have issues, but overall he does what he is supposed to do. His dad oversees his math, spelling and science completely.  I oversee everything else.  Writing is the only subject I am still teaching directly.

One of my favorite portions of his homeschooling is his reading.  His favorites are in bold.

Here’s his completed list…

All of his other subjects are going well, we are pleased with our choices for him this year.

4th Grade

Homeschool -8866  4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices[4]


In order to stay committed to his gymnastics he doubles up on his schoolwork 2 days a week so he can be free to practice the other 3 days. He really works hard on his two intense school days. We are usually working too hard to even remember to take any photos!  Here’s what he has spent most of January and February doing…

Gymnastics Gasparilla -3370 Gymnastics Gasparilla -3518

He had 2 meets in January and 2 in February. We are now preparing for States and Regionals {March/April}. You can see more of his gymnastics here on Instagram.

We are almost finished reading  The Island of the Blue Dolphins together, which he LOVES.

He also reads books on his own at night and currently reading I Survived The Joplin Tornado 2011.

His reading list so far this year…

1st Grade

Homeschool -8872 1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices[6]


She now does the following subjects with her Daddy: science, Growing with Grammar, & Life of Fred Math. I teach her the rest of her subjects. Below you will see a few highlights from Jan. and Feb.!


We do a few different things for math and our combination is working beautifully for her.  She continues to LOVE Life of Fred.

Spielgaben is a great fit for her and we do about 2-3 lessons per week. See our recent posts here…

Create a Clock with Spielgaben   Multiplication with Spielgaben


She continues to love our EvanMoor 1st Grade science book, and her teacher, Daddy, agrees.

1st grade -2340

1st grade -2472


Growing with Grammar and First Language Lessons are both wonderful and she enjoys both.  We use both because they are different, yet similar. She now does Growing with Grammar with her Dad so I don’t have any action shots!

Here she is working on her poems from First Language Lessons {she’s using our Poem PowerPoint}.

1st Grade -2828


We are almost done with All About Spelling Level 1, I slowed her down since I didn’t really want to move on to level 2 yet.  She is doing really well with her spelling.  Below you can see her notebook, she likes to use my colored pens.

1st Grade -2820


We are using Logic of English Cursive, and have finished all of the lower case letters!

1st grade -2691

1st Grade -2810


Her filled up pocket chart with her drawings for each letter!

1st Grade -3006


All About Reading 2 is almost complete!. She loves the games in the lessons. She is now reading beyond the lessons we are doing, she has really taken off with her fluency and ability to just read anything.

1st grade -2547 1st grade -2550


Ways we supplement reading development…

We go to the library at least twice a month, sometimes more! Her library books are read daily both independently and aloud! 

1st grade -2737

1st Grade -2702


Before we take books back I ask her to set out her very favorites and I snap a photo and share on Instagram.  These are some recent favorite stacks…

1st grade -2439 1st Grade -2708


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