Homeschool Wrap-Up November & December 2015 ~ 1st, 4th, 8th

Homeschool Wrap Up 1st grade, 4th grade, 8th grade Nov and Dec 2015


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1st-Grade-Homeschool-Curriculum-Choi[1] 4th-Grade-Homeschool-Curriculum-Choi[1] 8th-Grade-Homeschool-Curriculum-Choi

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All Together Learning




We do 3 subjects all together and really enjoy our time with our kids all together {most of the time}.

Daddy teaches Mystery of History which is awesome.  We fnally finished the 1st book and have moved on to book 2. We decided to save ink and use spiral notebooks with the kids and this was a great change!  The love their notebooks and their notes are even better!  Plus – no more printing for me! 

History -1063


Below you can see a glimpse of my prep time for book 2.  We use the Timeline Figures from Homeschool in the Woods.  I was printing, cutting and sorting {in baseball card sleeves} for our timeline notebook.

Homeschool -1696


We still love our Heroes of History books.  We are almost done with George Washington. We are still enjoying Liberty’s Kids DVDs, to help deepen our American Revolution knowledge.


You can see our entire World Geography plan here.  Daddy now teaches this too.  They finished all of South America and are well into North America now.  Everyone continues to enjoy this plan. Below is a peek at Daddy writing the notes on our board and that’s a picture of Ladybug’s USA page!

Geography -1892  Geography -1893

1st & 4th Together Learning

Ladybug and Krash do two subjects together and it is working well!  We do Picture Smart Bible {K-3 Old Testament} and US Geography twice a week.

They absolutely love US Geography and I think it’s because they both really love coloring and they love birds.  Seeing the bird for each state is very exciting for them!

USA Geography -1741

We review all the states we have learned each day we do a new one, we use our USA Geography PowerPoint for this.  The PowerPoint show is a favorite and is really great for review.

We have added in a couple more resources to expand our US Geography learning.   The kids absolutely LOVE the awesome USA States song/video by Readeez.

We played Scrambled States for the first time and they really enjoyed it!

USA -0943

    We also enjoy playing Sequence States and Capitals together!  If you don’t own this game and are working on states and capitals, I highly recommend it!

    USA Geography -2055


      We are enjoying Picture Smart Bible together and have completed Deuteronomy/Joshua.

      Picture Smart Bible -2053


      8th Grade

      Homeschool -8893  8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices[3]


      Pac is by far my least photographed child because a majority of his schooling is done independently or with his Dad. I managed to get NO photos of him doing school at all!

      He does spend a lot of time doing this, so this picture of him is totally accurate. He’d spend way more hours per day playing the guitar {or his ukelele} if he could!

      8th Grade -2570


      He is a pretty easy student and we are thankful.  Sure, we have issues, but overall he does what he is supposed to do. His dad oversees his math, spelling and science completely.  I oversee everything else.  Writing is the only subject I am still teaching directly.

      One of my favorite portions of his homeschooling is his reading.  He is currently Reading To Kill a Mockingbird.  His favorites are in bold.

      Here’s his completed list…

      All of his other subjects are going well, we are pleased with our choices for him this year.

      4th Grade

      Homeschool -8866  4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices[4]


      In order to stay committed to his gymnastics he doubles up on his schoolwork 2 days a week so he can be free to practice the other 3 days. He really works hard on his two intense school days. Below he is working on one of his poems from First Language Lessons.

      4th grade -2062


      Science with Dad continues to be a favorite.  He really enjoyed making a volcano, of course!

      4th Grade -1886 4th Grade -1892

      4th Grade -1891


      I think they were exploring waves below..

      4th grade -2064


      He continues to do Life of Fred Math with Daddy, at a lower level than his Teaching Textbooks Math {he uses level 5}. We do LOF math to help him work on auditory processing skills.

      4th Grade -1952

      We are almost finished reading Mighty Men together, which is a collection of short stories.

      He also reads books on his own at night and currently reading The Indian in the Cupboard.

      His reading list so far this year…

      1st Grade

      Homeschool -8872 1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices[6]


      She now does the following subjects with her Daddy: science, Growing with Gramar, & Life of Fred Math. I teach her the rest of her subejcts. Below you will see a few highlights from November and December!


      We do a few different things for math and our combination is working beautifully for her.  She continues to LOVE Life of Fred and is finished with book 2 and is enjoying book 3.

      Spielgaben is a great fit for her and we do about 2-3 lessons per week, mostly using the worksheets.  See our recent posts here…

      Hands on 1st Grade Math with Spielgaben Playful Math with Spielgaben December 2015


      Growing with Grammar and First Language Lessons are both wonderful and she enjoys both.  We use both because they are different, yet similar. She now does Growing with Grammar with her Dad so I don’t have any action shots!

      Here she is working on her poems from First Language Lessons{she’s using our Poem PowerPoint}.

      1st Grade -0913


      All About Reading 2 is moving along. She loves the games in the lessons. It is a GREAT fit for her!

      1st Grade -1723

      1st Grade -0922


      Ways we supplement reading development…

      We go to the library at least twice a month, sometimes more! Her library books are read daily both independently and aloud! 

      Before we take books back I ask her to set out her very favorites and I snap a photo and share on Instagram.  These are some recent favorite stacks…

      1st Grade Library -2012

      1st Grade -0950


      We finished The Dragons of Blueland, the final book in the series.  She LOVED these books!  We continue to read Little House on the Prairie.


      She has become quite the independent writer lately.  She loves her word wall folder and her try-it sheets. She uses both daily.

      1st Grade -0930

      Whew!  I think that’s it! It takes me forever to write these posts but they are my favorite to look back on!

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