Songs for Saplings ABC Bible Verse Printable Pack

Songs for Saplings Printable Pack

Years ago I created ABC Bible Verse Printables to go along with the wonderful Songs for Saplings ABC CD.  These were featured on Totally Tots, for the “In My Heart” feature.  For years I have been wanting to bundle up the printables and edit a few things and I am finally done!  Ladybug is using these verses this year and LOVES them just as much as Krash did. Homeschool-2160

This CD and the verses are just perfect for young tots.  You can buy the CD here on the Songs for Saplings site, or here on Amazon {both same price, $9}.  You can download the songs here on Songs for Saplings, for only $5!  You can even download the first 3 songs for FREE.  Songs for Saplings is a mission first, and they lowered their prices, here’s why!  I have no affiliation with Songs for Saplings, other than the free CD I received years ago when I reviewed it for them. 

There are a few components to the printable pack, here are samples below…

Full Page Printable Display Poster…some of the songs feature just a portion of the verse, which is partly what makes this CD awesome for young tots.  I put the full verse at the bottom of each poster if the song only featured a portion.Songs for Saplings Bible A big

Flashcards {these are what is hooked to our morning board with Velcro}Songs for Saplings A

The printable pack was condensed for easier printing and laminating.  The flashcards are 4 per page like this now…Songs for Saplings Bible cards

Cut and Glue the Verse…again, these were condensed for better printing.  They were also added in for many of the verses.  They are all there now, originally I think I stopped making these somewhere in the middle of the set!Songs for Saplings Bible cut

Coloring…many of these are in a shadow form so the child can “draw” over the image and color it in.  Some kids will love this, others won’t!Songs for Saplings Bible coloring

This Bible Verses A-Z Printable Pack is FREE, I hope you enjoy it!

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What’s In the Bible? Special News!

I have exciting What’s in the Bible news to share with you!

First ~ ALL DVDs are on sale for $10 each, through July 26! This is a great deal and what we paid when I completed our collection recently, the last time they had this sale!

Second ~ You can download a brand new Summer Olympics Family Fun Printable Pack, for FREE! Click the graphic below, enter your email, and your download link will pop up immediately!

We will be using What’s in the Bible DVDs for our homeschool this upcoming year.  We started a bit this past spring so I could get a feel for how it would work for us.  Read all about how we are using What’s in the Bible in our homeschool here!

Bible Verse Tunes

I have finally completed ALL of the Bible Verse Tunes that go along with the verses used in Raising Rock Stars Preschool and Kindergarten, from the book ~ My ABC Bible Verses!Bible Verse Tunes

You can see verse tunes in action on my blog for verses A-O in my Kindergarten with Krash posts.  Although Krash has completed K, he is still working through his Bible verses and the rest will be added!  He just finished P, so look for it soon!  To get to the videos quickly, use my top navigational menu.  Hover over “Kindergarteners” and you will see the menu drop down.  Hover over “Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten” and you’ll see the individual posts for each letter pop out as shown below.  The videos for the specific letter are in those posts!


If you have purchased the RRSP Bundle or the RRSK Early Access, you now have access to the complete file of tunes A-Z in one file.  Log back in using the information in the original email you received when you paid and you’ll see the new link on the download page!  If you lost your original email, just email me and give me the email you used via PayPal when you paid.  I can resend your original email to you!

You can download individual files for free, on each RRSP letter page.  Although-I have not added them all yet, I hope to soon.

Raising Rock Stars Preschool    Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

I get many questions about the differences between the items I sell online, here is a post that explains the difference between Members Only, You Can Read, RRSP, RRSK, and Animal ABCS.  Hope that helps explain it, I am sorry for any confusion!

Raising Rock Stars ~ What’s in the Bible

We have been off the wagon for a bit with our Bible lessons, otherwise known as Raising Rock Stars {if you are new, you can read the vision here}.  I was floundering a bit with my decision of what to do.  I finally made a plan and I am happy to share that it is working beautifully for our family!  I have chosen to use the What’s in the Bible DVDs extensively with my children all together, during our homeschool time.  I hope to share at least once a month with you, giving you an update of where we are and how it’s working for us.  Today I’d like to share the general outline of what we are doing, and why I chose this.

General Outline ~

We watch the DVDs in sections, each DVD has 2 sections, which are about 30 minutes each.  I am having my kids watch each section at least 3 times with me…to be sure we are learning all of the facts.  We spread this out over how ever long it takes, I am in no rush. We are often watching the DVD during lunch or snack time.IMG_5937

We are using the coloring pages offered for free here, as a way to reinforce our knowledge, and also to create a “book” together. IMG_5942

We are using the flashcards found here {only DVD 1 is available now, I am hoping the rest are coming soon}, to review. image

We are also using our Jesus Storybook Bible to read together as we move along in the stories on the DVDs.  I also have the Read and Share Bible and DVD, and we will be using these as an additional reinforcement. IMG_6005

We use the actual Bible too, reading specific stories and parts straight from the Bible.  We use various versions, NIV, NASB, ESV, and a few more.

    As you can see, planning is NOT intensive on my part.  I just have to put it in our routine and make sure we do it!  So far, it has been FUN and the kids are loving this time in our school day!

Why I Chose What’s in the Bible ~

We have tried a few things for Bible time during homeschool and with the age range of my kids, none of the others worked for all of them during this season of life.  Since my time is limited, I really wanted something I could use with all 3 at the same time.  The DVD component of What’s in the Bible, combined with the awesome free coloring sheets is why I decided this was worth a shot.  I made a loose plan-we watch a portion, color together as we discuss and review, then repeat.  It has been about 2 weeks now and it gets better every time we work together.  There’s more singing during the movies, more dancing, and more Bible knowledge!  We are all really enjoying each other also, a wonderful bonus!

You can purchase What’s in the Bible DVDs straight from their website here, they usually have a coupon code for some sort of discount {right now it is ESTHER for $5 off}, and shipping is always free when your order is over $15.

Amazon also sells the DVDs, but the prices/shipping is very random, you just need to see where you’d get a better deal when you’re ready to purchase. Each volume is in the widget below, as well as the CD and the combo 1-6 set. {subscribers will need to click over to the blog to see the widget}

Stay tuned for details on exactly what we did for DVD 1, and more!

Raising Rock Stars ~ Daniel


We continue to read the Bible daily to the kids each morning and have made it up to the book of Daniel.  Most children’s books focus only on the story about the Daniel in the Lion’s Den, but we read all of the key stories in Daniel, going through many of them in great depth.  The kids especially enjoyed learning about the fiery furnace {which is depicted in this Veggie Tales movie}, the dream about the tree, the writing on the wall. and of course the story of the lion’s den.

We hadn’t dug too deep into the story of the lion’s den as we had the others, so we used our family time this week to dig deep into this fascinating story with our kiddos.  Daddy sat in the bean bag and read them the story {as a review} from a children’s book we have.  Daniel in the Lion's Den

This was too funny, Ladybug got up soon after the first photo was taken, as soon as she realized this wasn’t her favorite book.  She began making silly faces, silly noises, and trying to make me laugh;-)  Then she decided to start walking…distracting us all, since she normally only does it when we encourage her.  The pic is blurry but I love it anyway! 😉  As you can see,  Krash was VERY into the story behind all of her silliness ;-).Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (2 of 5)

After reading, we went to the table where I had 3 different sheets for each child.  Krash did a handwriting/coloring sheet…Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (3 of 5) Pac did a crossword…Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (4 of 5) Ladybug colored…Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (5 of 5)

The kids watched both Rack, Shack & Benny, and also Daniel in the Lion’s Den on DVD this past week.


Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!