These are the most frequently asked questions I receive! They are in no particular order and I will be adding ?s and answers as I find the time!

I am having trouble downloading and/or printing your PDF files {smudges, text missing, black boxes, etc.}, how can I fix this?

This is usually a very easy fix, you can read more in this post!!

How do you create your printables? I want to make printables too!

I so wish this were an easy answer! I can share with you what I use but it will still be different for us all. I am not a tutorial site at this time {maybe someday}, so I don’t spend my time teaching the HOW, I spend my time providing!

I use Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint mostly, with a bit of Adobe Photoshop {I use version 7 because I have had it for many years and it works fine for me!} thrown in. I am not sure if it is any good, but I did see this Publisher tutorial book on Amazon that might help you learn the ropes.

I purchase many of my graphics, either through memberships {www.clipart.com} or Etsy {search digital clipart}. I get many of my fonts online for free! The fonts I get asked about the most are my standard printing font: Primer Print and the font I use in my header and on my calendar supplies: Love Ya Like a Sister. Both are free online and I got them where I linked to. I do also own a font package from Fonts 4 Teachers and highly recommend it if you will be making any of your own printables.

My good friend Jolanthe uses the same programs I do, we actually collaborate a lot! She has written a post including the basics of how we do it.

My best advice is to see what you have on your computer and start fiddling around to see if you can make stuff!

I have created printables, how do I share them?

To share your files you need to be able to save as a PDF file and host the file somewhere. I have my own website so I host there, but many people use a free hosting service online {I don’t use any so I won’t offer any links or advice about the free services}. I do advise you to be very cautious with hosting your PDF files on a free hosting site as the ads displayed aren’t always “nice.” Also-if you ever decide to have your own site, you will have to deal with removing them from the free hosting site-which I have heard is a big pain. If you are interested in seeking out your own website, I recommend looking into Yahoo, most of my friends online who run sites host them through Yahoo. I personally use Homestead and have for over 12 years but have heard good things about Yahoo and their prices seems very reasonable. If I were starting out today I would not choose Homestead.


I am BRAND NEW to your site, where should I start?

Be sure to start here, at my Welcome page. You can learn the most about what my site offers there. Then you can decide where you want to explore first! Check out the extensive navigational menu up top.  It drops down, and drops out to the left in many categories!  Almost everything people search for is up there!   You can also look at the right sidebar of my website for the general categories of what is offered there.

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