Fall Theme Finish the Picture Printables

Fall Theme Finish the Picture Printables

Finish the Picture Drawing Printables are a fun and simple way to encourage creativity in drawing with a bit of support by providing a traceable outline to get a child started.

Here’s an example of before and after, she used Kwik Stix to color this one.

Fall Finish the Picture (2)  Fall Leaves -0163

I scale the pages down to print half sheets.  See how to do that here!

I set up a little invitation to explore and left it on her desk for her like this. I chose two of our fall books, featuring leaves. I also put out a pencil and our fall colored Kwik Stix {still a big favorite around here}.

Fall Leaves -0081

She was excited to see her fall books, she loves when seasonal books come back out! It was fun watching her create!

Fall Leaves -0106 Fall Leaves -0112

Fall Leaves -0114

Finish drawing 2 different leaves, an apple and a pumpkin!

Fall Finish the Picture (1) Fall Finish the Picture (2)Fall Finish the Picture (3) Fall Finish the Picture (4)

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Leaf Friends ~ Fall Leaf Rubbing Fun

Leaf Rubbing Craft ~ Make Leaf Friends with Leaf Rubbings

Recently we shared our Leaf Rubbing Family Tree which was launched from our leaf rubbing science project.  Not only did we make a family tree, we made a bunch of leaf friends to play games with and use as decorations! 

Leaf rubbing is a great skill to develop fine motor muscles in tiny hands but it can get frustrating for some kids.  Assist as needed to keep things fun while allowing your child to do as much independently as possible! Add a little face with a marker and you easily have a leaf friend.  A simple project for even young tots and preschoolers!

Leaf Friends -0271

Honestly the process is just so fun and simple, once we got going it was hard to stop!  We made a bunch of leaf twins to mix and match together.  This would be a great Tot School activity for younger children.  Matching skills, color ID, and tons of fun!

Leaf Friends -0332

Best of all, our leaf friends are cute fall crafts and we ended up laminating them to keep as decorations for fall! I wish I had thought to make these years ago!

Leaf Matching

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Acorn Friends ~ Fall Craft for Kids

Acorn Friends Craft for Kids

One morning last week I was out running errands for hours.  I came home expecting to find my husband studying in his office {he is in grad school full time right now}, but instead found these adorable acorn friends on my dining room table!

Acorn Friends -9958-2


I looked down and saw this huge bucket filed with acorns from our yard and just smiled.  What a great Daddy!

Acorn Friends -9964


He showed me how they were making them, using a skewer to poke holes for the legs and arms, and a stand to make them prop up.

Acorn Friends -9967


Pipe cleaners, Sharpies and googly eyes…

Acorn Friends -9984


One VERY happy daughter hard at work on her next acorn friend.

Acorn Friends -9994


I admired the collection and noticed they had made a few minions. How cute!

Acorn Minion Craft

They continued on for awhile and now we have an awesome collection of little fall craft friends to play with and set out during the fall season!

Have acorns? Make your own Acorn Friends!

  1. send your kids out to gather acorns, this is loads of fun by itself!
  2. poke holes in the acorn where you want holes, use something sharp like a skewer {adult job}
  3. cut pipe cleaners for arms, legs, and a stand
  4. carefully push pipe cleaners into tiny holes {my daughter was able to do this}
  5. color acorn with Sharpies as desired, add eyes and whatever else you desire
  6. Admire the cuteness!

Acorn Friends -9998

Inspire Me! Story Starter Photo Cards ~ Fall Fun Theme

Inspire Me! Story Starter Photo Cards feature a simple photograph on the front, with word ideas on the back.  You can see more about why they were created and how we use them here in our original post!

Free Fall Story Starter Photo Cards


We have a brand new FALL FUN set for you today, with 12 different photographs. Six of the photographs are of people in fall, and the other 6 are all funny squirrels and a chipmunk. We haven’t used these yet, but I wanted to share them since it is fall for much of the world right now!

Below you can see the photographs included in this set, there are matching word idea cards for each photo also! If you look you’ll see my boys in a few of the photos!

Fall Fun Story Starter Printable Photo Cards Fall Fun Story Starter Printable Photo Cards


See a video walk through here showing you how we use and organize our cards, and the extra printables we use alongside of them.

We have more themes coming and many will be released here on my blog for FREE.  I am also listing sets in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.  Be sure to subscribe to our blog posts so you don’t miss any of our free printables!

Have a theme idea for a set? Leave me a comment!

Download your free Fall Fun Story Starters here!

Inspire Me Story Starters Fall Fun

The printables shown below were were created to go along with our story starters! 

Choose-your-Own-Writing-Paper43121  Choose-Your-Own-Alphabet-Chart4121  Young-Writer-Printables21

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Fall Leaves Many Ways ~ Fun Fall Leaf Art

Fun Fall Art ~ Fall leaves Many Ways

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We recently enjoyed an intense crafty session creating fall leaves using many different methods! I would have only attempted one of these per day when my children were younger, maybe even 1 per season!  Now that she is 6 and loves this {and is MUCH easier}, we tend to do more! Fall leaf art time was definitely FUN for us!

I gave her several options to create many different fall colored leaves and let her choose! We used her big blue MessMatz {we got on Zulily} and our colored plastic trays {from Oriental Trading}. I printed a variety of leaves from our Fall Leaves Coloring Pages, all on cardstock.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9562

Grab your free fall leaf printables here!

Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring Pages


Her first choice was glitter glue.  I got these at Target in the Dollar Spot last year, and pulled out the fall colors for her. My idea was for her to outline the leaves with the glitter glue, her idea was to use it more like paint and smear it around.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9559

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9561

Fall Leaf Art -9829


Her next choice was my very favorite ~ shaving cream paint!

First, squirt some shaving cream on a tray, then drizzle paint on top as shown below.  Use a stick to swirl paint around gently.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9568

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9573

Lightly press your paper on top of the mixture and pat it. 

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9579

Let the paper sit for about a minute and then use a squeegee to pull the shaving cream off to show the beautiful paint underneath!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9582

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9584

Fall Leaf Art -9843

We also did this with some of the bigger leaves, also in the fall leaves coloring set.Fall Leaf Art -9815

See our video peek inside of this project and how we did it, as well as the others in this post!

Fall Leaf Art

We had loads of fun creating many different kinds of fall leaves, and then made calendar cards out of the small ones!! I would have never attempted this big of a crafty mess all at once when my kids were younger, but now it is totally doable! **BLOG POST with more photos & details ~ https://1plus1plus1equals1.net/2015/09/fall-leaves-many-ways-fun-fall-leaf-art/**See more VIDEOS on our YOUTUBE Channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/carisahh**SUBSCRIBE to our blog posts ~ http://mad.ly/signups/115694/join

Posted by 1+1+1=1 on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Next up was marble painting!  First, I challenged her to try to do it on this tray, which she could totally do but didn’t want to focus so much!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9589

In the past we have used a cardboard box, but this time we used a clear plastic box and washed it afterward.  Be sure to tape the paper down before you do this.Then add drops of paint and put a marble in.  It’s a fun game trying to get the marble into the paint and onto the paper!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9596

She got the leaf so paint-y, I couldn’t even see the lines so I just cut out a leaf shape!

Fall Leaf Art -9819


She loved sponge painting! We have small cut up sponges that we use for water play and painting. 

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9612

Fall Leaf Art -9839


She hasn’t done tissue paper art like this in a very long time!  The last time I remember doing it was here! Make a mixture of water and white glue {basically water down the glue a bit}.  Use a paint brush to brush the glue onto the paper and then lay colored pieces of tissue paper on top.  Paint over again to seal any loose edges.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9626

Fall Leaf Art -9832


Finally, Q-Tip Art!  She really enjoyed this a lot!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9631

Fall Leaf Art -9836


Here’s a video peek at how we made the shaving cream and tissue painted leaves!



We let all of her pieces dry overnight, some were really damp so they took awhile!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9643


We laminated them since we decided to make calendar cards with them!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9665


I used a dry erase marker to write on the leaves, so if she decides to use them for something else next year, we can!

Fall Leaf Art -9846


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