New Easy Readers

I can’t believe I waited so long to bring this idea of Easy Readers for the iPad to reality.  I thought up the idea many months ago, just had it on my creating to-do list.  My kids are devouring these books.  It’s all Ladybug wants to read now!  Krash requested Skylanders and Batman, those were easy since I already had graphics!  Ladybug loves My Little Pony, and Care Bears-so I found some images and put those together for her!  I also wanted to make one focusing on emotions, so I did that one too! I imagine there will be many more, the kids are firing off requests to me and I love that they are wanting to read!

Care Bears Easy Reader  I Feel Easy Reader  My Little Pony Easy Reader

Skylanders Easy Reader s  Batman Easy Reader

You can download these and any other easy readers I add for FREE here on the Easy Readers Webpage!

More info about how to download to your device here!

1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ Kimochi

Want to meet K’s new friends? Want to see what awesome toy we are using along with our new Feelings Tot Book?

When I stumbled across this product on another blog I was instantly intrigued. I went straight to their website to begin reading and was very impressed with this! I contacted the owner, who is a wonderful lady 😉 and asked her to be a part of our celebration! Not only did she say yes, but she so kindly sent Krash his very own Kimochi Cloud and an extra feeling pack! What in the world is a Kimochi Cloud and a Feeling Pack, you ask? Well, let me tell you a bit about them!

These are the oh-so-cute Kimochis…

This is the Kimochi Cloud that Krash is now in love with…
The Cloud itself comes with the 3 feelings shown and we also got to try out this extra set! In our extra set there was one particular feeling that Krash was quite fond of…jealous! I have no idea why really, he barely understands what jealous even means, but he loves this little green guy!

When our Kimochi came in the mail I gave it to Krash and just let him explore…
Then we began to discuss the different feelings and we made their faces! Here he is beingsurprised…
Krash (and even Pac Man-age 7) has spent tons of time playing with his Kimochi, with and without me. For awhile he slept with a few of the little feelings (jealous included) but then we began to lose them in the covers so I made him stop sleeping with them!
I was so inspired by this toy that I also created a Tot Book all about feelings to kick off our new school year!!! We will be using our Kimochi along with our Tot Book to really work on identifying all of our feelings and how to handle them.

This toy is creative, open-ended, fun, and educational. It is well made, adorable and loved by my boys! I highly recommend a Kimochis, especially if you have a younger child who struggles with emotions at all. You can buy your own Kimochi here and read all of the wonderful ideas they have on their site!

Feelings Tot-Book…

I am so glad to be starting Krash’s new school year off with a unit on FEELINGS! Of course he had to have a snazzy new Tot Book to work with so I got to creating. I got going and decided he was ready to try a full sized folder this time, plus I had a few ideas in mind that would need more space than the 1/2 sized folder. Here’s how we are laying ours out…

The cover…The Middle…Here you can see what I made, I will tell you a bit about each one…

  • Top Left: I printed these cards on cardstock and did not laminate. I am going to have K color the feelings faces. After he is done I may laminate them.
  • Top Middle: These pages can either be made into a book unlaminated or you can laminate each one like I did and hook them with rings at the top of the folder. I did this so we can take them out and work with them. I made the first letter in each word bigger so we can get a little bit of Letter ID in too! Mine are printed on regular paper and laminated.
  • Top Right: Laminated mini-cards for matching.
  • Bottom Right: a mini book about feelings (printed on paper, unlaminated)
  • Bottom left/middle: The base is laminated and so are the little faces. They all have velcro dots on them for K to put the feeling faces on the boy and girl. I also made a small discussion card to give some ideas for questions to ask your tot.

The back, K’s isn’t stuck down yet, I will have him choose a feeling to draw when we are all done and put this on the back.
You could easily leave some things out and make the traditional 1/2 folder Tot Book if your tot isn’t ready for a big one. Or you could always just use different components and keep them in a manilla envelop (like I do with some of our Activity Packs)

You can download all of the pieces in PDF form here
. Also on the webpage are links to many of the books we will be reading to go along with our Tot Book, and also our new Kimochi friend we are using!

If you share this with others, please link to this blog post or to the webpage, but not directly to the PDF files. Also, remember if YOU make this Tot (Lap)Book with your tot, I’d love to see it, email me and I will add your link to the webpage!

Teaching About Feelings…

I finally found an adorable and useful and FREE resource for tots all about feelings! A big thanks to Kristi for posting this, it made my day!!! I know at least one of my readers (Heather 😉 ) will probably be interested in this along with me!!! Be sure to go to Kristi’s blog to read all about what she found online and how she is using it! Hmmm, I might even have to make a Tot Book out of this!!!