Easter ~ Lapbook

I wasn’t even sure we would finish before Easter but we got it together today and I am so glad we will have a few days to look through it and study it before Sunday actually arrives! Most of this is a review for P as we studied the Resurrection Eggs in depth last year. He enjoyed re- visiting them this year, and in new ways. I am so thankful for Valerie’s great Resurrection Lapbook, as that is where most of our materials came from. We did get a couple of great activities from Danielle’s Place, although I am not sure if they are from the free portion or the member’s portion (we are members of that site).

The Cover:

P was THRILLED that he got to stamp Easter symbols on the cover! He loves stamping!

The inside:

These are the eggs we got from Danielle’s Place, the little explanation of the symbols is inside of the folded paper in the middleThis is the inside with the top flap folded down:And on the back a painting I found that he did last week, he told me that it was Jesus walking on the streets of gold in heaven with and Easter egg and a little bunny.For more wonderful Resurrection lapbook ideas, please visit the new lapbooking site: Lapbook Lessons. Valerie is now hosting Little Laplinks over there!