USA ~ Lapbook

We actually finished this awhile ago, but I just realized I never posted the final photos! So, here is our completed USA lapbook (along with a couple of final in the works photos)…

The Cover…
I am noticing a crafty art-theme we seem to have with each lapbook cover lately and I have realized that my son REALLY enjoys this. I think we will try to continue it, choosing a special treat to decorate each different cover. He loves glitter (I hate it), so this cover was a very special treat and he loved every minute of it!
The Inside:
Top Left/Right: Where is? (we did our state and the state where we left 4 years ago and the rest of our family lives)
Bottom Left/Right: State Symbols
Top Middle (flap opened): a worksheet we tore out of a $1 Target USA workbook
Bottom Middle (flap opened): Crayola State page
Top Middle: Where I Live (Enchanted Learning)
Bottom Middle: North America (Enchanted Learning)
Middle flap folded down, also from the $1 Target book…
Top: God Bless America copywork
Bottom: USA coloring sheet from his Calvert curriculm
He colored a few states each day and we named them. We finally completed the last few when it was time to put the lapbook together.

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