Raising Rocks Stars ~ CHRISTmas…Nativity Story


We read the Christmas story from The Anytime Bible, which continues to be one of our favorite Children’s Bibles (my full review is here).  We also used our Fisher Price Nativity to highlight the characters in the story.   IMG_7428It was a good idea in theory, although K was out of sorts this night and all he really cared to do was make the stable sing “du-du-du-du-du” (when you push the top it sings Away in a Manger and he loves it).  It took some real effort to get through the entire story (from the angel to the wise men).


We were blessed to have guests with us for our family time, “Kiki” is our college “daughter” (she lived with us for over 2 years while she was in high school), and a good friend J.  They helped us color our Happy Birthday Jesus coloring book…IMG_7433

Krash also worked on his puzzle from our Christmas Tot PackIMG_7437

He also dot-painted the Happy Birthday Jesus sheet (which he was extremely disturbed about since I created the circles a bit too big for the dot paint)…note to self-make sure the circles are exact to avoid trouble from this particular little guy.  IMG_7440

We also talked about getting a gift for Jesus for HIS birthday.  We talked about what He wants most from us, discussing love and service to others mainly.  We selected an item to give to Jesus from the World Vision Gift Catalog.  We let Pac Man select and he chose a fishing kit and 2 chickens.  We discussed how these gifts would help someone else and why Jesus would want this for Christmas.IMG_7438


Resources used this week:

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