Raising Rock Stars ~ Gideon


We have been reading about the Judges of Israel and had just gotten into the story of Gideon during our morning Bible time. I put together a PowerPoint for the boys to help bring the Bible story to life for them. They had only heard about 3/4 of the story, so they were excited to see how it ended!

I am doing the teaching during the PowerPoint {since Daddy ii the reader all week long, I teach the lesson on family nights}, so no photos this time, I was busy 😉 .


After I finished, Daddy read them the special book I got about Gideon, which Krash especially LOVED! It really seemed to bring the story to life for him.IMG_8758It was a simple night, but one filled with lots of great discussion. Both boys really liked the book and the PowerPoint.

Resources used this week:

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