Raising Rock Stars ~ Samson


I must admit, I wasn’t all that excited to get to the story of Samson.  I don’t really like Samson, honestly-he gets on my nerves.  I really don’t like the images for children that only seem to focus on how strong he was.  The real truth is that he was a messed up man who could have had it all and chose a more selfish path.  His life was filled with many sins not suitable for teaching to very young children, so I knew it would be hard to teach the true lesson from this “familiar” story.  Thankfully I found some posts from Kristi, here and here…which helped me put words to my thoughts and concerns.  Her words helped me prepare my heart to teach this story to my boys during our family time.

Daddy had read the story straight from Judges all week, and now it was my turn to bring it to life in a meaningful way.  I had a board book that I think I bought from a dollar store somewhere ;-), so I used that to start off with.  Then I had the boys color a simple picture I made as I shared what the text on the coloring page meant.Samson Coloring

We talked about how Samson’s strength came only from God, and that he was actually a weak man who made lots of foolish decisions in his life.  God can use us even when we are weak…God is BIGGER than our mistakes!



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