Tot School ~ C is for Caterpillar

~Ladybug is currently 33 months old~


Here is her desk set up for letter C. IMG_0093

The items in the pocket chart are all available here on the Animal ABCs webpage {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature}.  I added caterpillars on her desk.

We also had several caterpillar books off to the side in her pink basket. I also set up a few caterpillar themed trays for her, as well as some non-themed activities.IMG_0095

On her trays:

Here are some book ideas for you…


Charlie the Caterpillar was a BIG hit, we read this too many times to count!IMG_0122

She loved the page that showed the sad caterpillar, on the right, she was showing her to me and telling me all about her sadness…

IMG_0127  IMG_0129

She loved the magnetic pattern blocks and the cookie sheet.IMG_0097

I added in some templates for her to work with too, she liked them a lot!

IMG_0227  IMG_0229

Coloring her caterpillars…    IMG_0120

She spent way less time with her notebook for this unit, which is totally fine!  Mostly she colored this page over and over again, I don’t even remember her tracing shapes or numbers at all!IMG_0407

We took her letters A, B, & C, along with the flashcards and hid them all in the ball pit!  She and Krash had a fun letter hunt together!IMG_0277



She worked with me to make the letter craft, which is basically an open ended project that you can do whatever you want with!  She chose to paint the letter C red, and then glue down the caterpillars.  She wasn’t interested in cutting at all this week, so I trimmed the caterpillars while she painted. IMG_0196

She glued down the caterpillars the next day with me…IMG_0274

Special Note: Please read my post about Following the Child’s Lead if you have a tot and need info about this.  All tots are different and what Ladybug is doing may not be appropriate for your child, even is s/he is the same age!


We worked on a few parts of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printable Pack, which she LOVED!  Here she was matching food in our mini pocket chart.IMG_0185

We read the book, a LOT!  Here she was “reading” it to me before we made a caterpillar craft.IMG_0292

Painting her caterpillar…IMG_0294

We also made another caterpillar craft, here she was admiring them both!IMG_0428

One time we read the book and used our flashcards to match…IMG_0341

She enjoyed this a lot!IMG_0347

We “played” the game together too, but with no rules, just had fun moving the caterpillar around and matching up food!


Note: we got both games at a consignment sale, CHEAP, they are not fun games when actually following the games, as reviewers on Amazon stated.  I don’t recommend paying full price for them, but they are neat to add in if you find the used!

We are taking our All About Reading Pre Level 1 lessons slowly.  I am not expecting mastery from Ladybug, just using this program as a way to expose her to the Big Five Skills.  She is a bit too young for the program and Krash is a bit too old, so that’s why we are using it together.

This week we did lesson 3, which focused on letter C and also rhyming words. With Ladybug I do tons of modeling, you can see us using the rhyming cards below.  She really enjoyed Ziggy being silly this week as he helped with the rhyming words in the wagon!  Krash really enjoyed this too!IMG_0207

She wanted me to color the C and the cat this week, but she asked to color the bowl of cream…IMG_0411

Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thuKrash’s theme was Angry Birds and Ladybug participated with him in a lot of his activities!!  They played the game a lot together.IMG_0190

She painted Angry Birds, every single one of them!!IMG_0202

Krash had a notebook filed with his work for the week, she enjoyed looking through it and asking for certain things!IMG_0285

One day she put the Angry Birds on a “bus” matching them all up.  She came to get me and said, “wook they match!”IMG_0370


Our winter sensory bin was still out, as well as a salad bowl filled with jewels.  We played a lot with these.

IMG_0356  IMG_0363

We had fun working on ABAB patterns together.IMG_0364


One afternoon we finally tried out water beads!  I had seen them on other blogs and finally ordered a set from Amazon, since we don’t have a Walmart near us.  The kids were in awe, the entire time.  This is when we first put them in the water…IMG_0438

After about 10-15 minutes they grew to this…IMG_0453

Ladybug REALLY enjoyed this and sat in her highchair exploring for about an hour!IMG_0460

She has also played with them several times since, now that they are their full size {about the size of marbles}.  We will definitely be getting more of these, the kids LOVED them!

IMG_0470 IMG_0474


Working in her Tot Time NotebookIMG_0300

She still loves puzzles too! {Target dollar spot puzzle}IMG_0235


I love this shot of her playing on our iPod, sitting in our bean bag chair.   See more iPad apps we love here, iPad apps part 2 is here!! IMG_0350


Being silly with Daddy in the ball pit!

IMG_0163  IMG_0172


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