Weekly Wrap-Up


We are up to DVD 4, for the review time around with What’s in the Bible. I let my kids watch episodes 1 & 2 on each DVD twice.  After the first watch, we color together and discuss, after the 2nd watch we go over the flashcards {we are using Alyson’s here}. 

Here they were working on some coloring pages {see links and how we are using these DVDs here}. Homeschool-3932



We worked on Arkansas in our Sticker USA Activity BookHomeschool-3953


PS-the color coded school supply caddies continue to work out perfectly for us!


Oh yeah, and we voted!


Krash continues to use both Calvert and  All About Reading Level 1 lessons. I am really enjoying seeing the similarities and differences in the 2 programs side by side.  When he is all done with both, I will share deep reviews and thoughts on both formats.  Homeschool-4034

This week we did All About Spelling 1 ~ Lesson 8, which is now behind what he is working on in his Calvert spelling, so it is a good solid review.  I have been a bit off with his extra lessons {lazy might be a better word}.Homeschool-4037


With Calvert, he is working on 3D shapes in math, so our real world shapes were perfect! He loved making the paper lesson hands on!Homeschool-3994

I was able to take the math lesson further than his text did, comparing and contrasting the shapes in many ways, here is he is showing which shapes roll…Homeschool-3977

Pointing to the shapes I call out…Homeschool-3988

We are moving along with Draw, Write, Now ~ this week we worked on drawing a turkey!

We tried out a new gym to possibly move him to so he can excel with his gymnastics, because Krash is often like this…Homeschool-4019

He has taught himself how to push up into an almost perfect handstand from a headstand.  His strength amazes me!Homeschool-4020

We tried out the new gym, and the head boy’s coach evaluated him and he was invited to join the pre team. This gym seems to be the perfect fit for us and it isn’t any farther than our current gym, which for some reason I always thought it was about 20 minutes farther!  So, now it is just time to pray about making this commitment.  The other 2 love gymnastics and will at least take classes, so the commitment is times 3!  A sweet mom of a boy who does competitive gymnastics emailed me after my last post and the info was SO helpful!  If you have a son who does this, and you’d like to email me your thoughts, I would be open to hearing them, and thankful.  I don’t have any close friends who are in this world {specifically boys gymnastics}, and love hearing info firsthand, as we pray over this decision!


So, Pac was sick, and his entire week of schooling was just a bit off.  He was only really sick in bed one day, but the day before and after he just wasn’t himself.  We took it easy, and will play catch up next week to get to where I’d like us to be before Thanksgiving!

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…