Our Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

We will not be using a math curriculum for Kindergarten at home with my daughter, but I do have homeschool Kindergarten math goals for her.  I am a former public school Kindergarten teacher and know what I want her to learn.  When I develop Kindergarten printables or other units for her these are the math goals I have in mind.  In writing these, I am being as parent-friendly as possible without all of the confusing language. Some of these are regular K goals, some are a bit beyond K but are my goals for her. I do not align with Common Core, so these come more from my background as a teacher and what I think works at this stage when homeschooling. These goals are specific to her also, and many would technically be considered more 1st grade skills.  For those, it is more of exposure than mastery. These are not specific to any state or curriculum, but are my own personal goals for her.

  • count 1-100, by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • count backwards 10-1
  • use and understand a number line, hundred chart, ten frame {identify numbers before & after}
  • estimate number of objects {20 or less}
  • sorting by multiple attributes {color, shape, size, etc}
  • patterns
  • basic addition and subtraction {understand +, -, and = symbols}
  • basic story problems
  • plane shapes ~ square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, octagon, hexagon {and more}
  • 3D shapes ~sphere, rectangular prism, cylinder, cone {and more}
  • basic understanding of fractions {half, quarter, third}
  • basic understanding of symmetry
  • identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar
  • order by size, length, weight, amount
  • ordinal numbers to 1st-10th
  • graphing up to 10 {analyzing graph}
  • write numbers up to 20
  • read number words up to ten
  • positional words
  • basic understanding of telling time to the hour
  • understands time of day {morning, afternoon, evening, etc}
  • basic calendar skills {days, months}
  • basic understanding of temperature

In developing our Kindergarten Literature Based Unit Study Printables I am using this list to choose the math skills exposed in the units.  I also used these goals in developing the math portion of Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten.  Our Daily Calendar Notebook touches on a lot of these skills, as well as many of our current Kindergarten Packs.

Interested to see some Kindergarten math goals from specific states? IXL has a great section online where you can browse the standards of different states. We don’t personally use IXL, but I found this page when searching for state standards.

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