The Transition to Kindergarten at Home

Ladybug is currently in our last week of our home preschool plan {sniff, sniff} and is turning 5 very soon!  I am finalizing our transition to Kindergarten at home plan to prepare.

I  will adjust our official plan and routine for the fall, but from about April-August, Ladybug will still want to “do school” and we will!  I have developed a simple transitional plan for her. I will continue our Learning with Ladybug feature, as it isn’t grade specific.  I will just keep writing wrap up posts so you can see what we are doing!  Is this Kindergarten?  Yes, she is definitely at that level.  My sad little mommy self just isn’t ready to call it that yet.

The Transition to Home Kindergarten

Here’s my plan from now until the fall {since she will school some in the summer even though the boys take a break}.  She loves time with me doing school and I love it too.

Add in Literature Based Unit Studies using books she loves {I am developing some and will be using some from Homeschool Share}

Begin working with Kindergarten Packs {updating some to themes she loves}

Have theme weeks based on her interests {rather than a letter focus each week}

Try You Can Read to see if she is ready {I am honestly not sure what she will think}

Continue Spielgaben, Integrity Time Bible and All By Myself Boxes