You Can Read Sight Words ~ Unit 13

You Can Read Sight Words continues to be a fun part of our homeschool Kindergarten.  Along with adding these new words, we also reviewed the previous words from unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5, unit 6, unit 7, unit 8, unit 9, unit 10, unit 11 and unit 12.

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You Can Read Sight Words Unit 13

We are now using these alongside of our new You Can Read Word Family printables.  She is learning 4 new sight words and one word family per week now.  We will slow down if she needs to, but this seems to be just right for her at this time.

Here’s the photo recap of what I captured…


YCR Unit 13 -5396


Color by number sight words, we worked on these together!

YCR Unit 13 -5399


Making words…

YCR Unit 13 -5402


Roll and graph…

YCR Unit 13 -5764


Sentence search…

YCR Unit 13 -5767

This unit went so quickly, she knew the words within a couple of days so we moved on!  I am excited to see her soaking it all in but a little sad it’s going by so quickly!

Her completed work…

YCR Unit 13 -6389


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