You Can Read Sight Words Unit 10

You Can Read Sight Words continues to be a fun part of our homeschool Kindergarten.  Along with adding these new words, we also reviewed the previous words from unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5, unit 6, unit 7, unit 8 and unit 9.

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You Can Read Sight Words Unit 10

We are now using these alongside of our new You Can Read Word Family printables.  She is learning 4 new sight words and one word family per week now.  We will slow down if she needs to, but this seems to be just right for her at this time.

Here’s the photo recap of what I captured…

For now, her sight word caterpillar is in her small pocket chart.  She likes playing with her words quite often so they are better this way for her!

YCR Unit 10 -3588


Color by number sight word

YCR Unit 10 -3594


Fun work with the Bitsboard app.  Here’s the basics of how to use Bitsboard and the You Can Read word lists {it’s for Apple only} ~ Download Bitsboard app {free}, open Bitsboard, select "Catalog" over on the right, it’s blue at the top, select "Shared,"  type in the search area on the top right. Scroll until you find the units you’re looking for.

YCR Unit 10 -3606


YCR Unit 10 -3608

These simple games are a GREAT review for our words!

YCR Unit 10 -3610


Word puzzles…

YCR Unit 10 -3614


Something new for us!  Inspired by our Spielgaben puzzle creations, I made a puzzle featuring her sight words!

YCR Unit 10 -3713

YCR Unit 10 -3716


YCR Unit 10 -3728

She loved this!

YCR Unit 10 -3734


Putting her words together, using tape because she loves tape!

YCR Unit 10 -3773


Reading one of her easy readers and giving me her “don’t take my picture” face. Winking smile

YCR Unit 10 -3777


Funny fonts with dot paint.

YCR Unit 10 -3781


She wanted to add little pictures to her words in the cubes, so she did that before we played.

YCR unit 10 -4246


Here’s an example.  This is our cat hiding and she’s saying “Find me!”

YCR unit 10 -4255

After she finished drawing, we played!  She likes to line the cubes up and kick them and then run to read them!

YCR unit 10 -4259 YCR unit 10 -4260YCR unit 10 -4262 YCR unit 10 -4267


Her completed work…

YCR unit 10 -4303 



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