How To Make Your Own Visual Reading List

How to make your own visual reading list for your kids

We have been making visual reading lists for a few years now and they really help my kids. I spend the summer choosing books for each child and then compile the book covers on a page so they can choose throughout the year. Last summer I shared a video about these visual booklists, and why we love them! You can watch that here!


In that video I offered to make a tutorial video and many of you asked me to do that! I finally got it done and hope many of you will be able to make your own visual book lists now!

Here is the video tutorial and below I will share basic written steps.

  1. Download the book cover image to your computer
  2. Add the image to a document in PowerPoint
  3. Resize the image by dragging the corners and moving the image around
  4. Align the book covers by using the align feature {align middle and distribute horizontally}

We print 2 copies of our book lists, one for the front of their grade level notebook, and one for the rating stickers. After a book is finished a colored dot sticker is placed on the book image with a 1-10 rating.

Our Book Lists


Here is a blank reading record for your child to write the title, author and rate the book 1-10 based on his/her opinion.

Here’s another reading log we have used. It is very similar to the one we are using now.

See our Book Lists Pinterest board here!

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