Books and Printables – Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Books and Printables

During Black History Month I will be sharing several posts highlighting different people and events along with book ideas and printables to help you bring Black History alive with your children. Although February is Black History Month, Black History is actually just HISTORY and can be taught at any time of the year! There is SO much to learn, one month a year would never be enough!

I originally was going to publish a post entitled “Black History Picture Books for Kids” and as I got deep into my research I realized that post would be WAY to long considering all I wanted to include! So, I decided to break it down into smaller posts.

Our first post features Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. books and printables. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options out there, so I am sharing a few resources to get you going! TONS of books, because, NEVER too many books!


Click to see all of our featured Martin Luther King Jr. books here on Amazon.

Click here to see a Google Doc with all of the books, featuring in BOLD the books that are written by Black authors.

Click here to download a printable to take with you to the library or to file away so you can remember the books.

Martin Luther King Jr. Books for Kids Library Checklist

Download Here


I like to let the books lead the teaching and let our discussions stem from the books we read. I don’t use many printables with my kids, we mostly spend our time reading and talking. I do, however, LOVE these free coloring pages from Doodle Art Alley!

MLK Coloring Pages

Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month?

Download this freebie from Read Like a Rockstar to learn more yourself and share with your kids.

Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month

I follow some wonderful mommas on Instagram and have learned so much. The message below is something we all need to remember, especially us white folks. This message/image is from @Black_World_Scholars, go follow her on Instagram, and see her blog here!


If you are looking for books to read as an adult to learn more, here are a few I suggest. I recently finished The New Jim Crow and am currently in the middle of Stamped From the Beginning. The others {and more} are on my to-read list.

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Independence Day Activity Pack

Free Independence Day 4th of July Printables

The 4th of July is approaching in a few weeks and many of us will be teaching our children about the history of America. I have several resources on my blog and today I have an updated version of our Independence Day Printables.

The new pages feature some reading about the flag and the thirteen colonies and a worksheet for each.

Independence Day Printables (2) Independence Day Printables (3)

Independence Day Printables (4) Independence Day Printables (1)

the original printables are included also, labeling the colonies, graphing symbols, color by number flag and matching.

3 4th of July Learning Pack1

4th of July Learning Pack2 4th of July Learning Pack4

These printables go along with our Independence Day Calendar Connections!

CALENDAR 4th of July

Grab some fun 4th of July books to go along with your learning!

4th of July Books for Kids

Download your free Independence Day Printable here!

Independence Day Activity Pack

Download Here

More 4th of July Learning Fun…

Free 4th of July Calendar Connections Cards ~ learn a new fact about the U.S.A every day  4th of July sensory bin

4th of July Homeschool Fun FB

U.S.A. State By State

USA State by State

We have a brand new product thanks to my son! I wanted something to help him review the United States but without coloring, and all of the fluffy stuff like birds, flowers, etc. Honestly I am not really concerned if he knows a state’s bird or flower. I want him to know the location, capital, abbreviation and how to spell the state’s name. I also wanted him to practice reading and writing cursive in a simple format so I added that in also!

And…USA State by State was created!

Each state has 1 page and he will write the state’s name, color in the state’s location and look up the capital and record it. He uses one of our United States Geography to look up the capital and abbreviation if he can’t remember it.

USA State by State Printables

In addition to the pages for each state, there’s also a sheet at the front to record each state in alphabetical order. The map gets filled in as he works through the states one by one.

USA State by State Printables

Another fun page I included is a sheet to record states you’ve been to! This one is really popular with my kids already and has brought up much conversation!


USA State By State (1 of 1)

I used our binding machine to bind the pages together to create a book that’s easy to work through. Not sure how I made it so long as a homeschooler without my binding machine!

USA State by State

After every 10 states, I added in our States and Capitals review pages also. You can download those for free here!

State By State-3

Take a peek inside here where I shared a Facebook Live video! You can also see what I am using for my daughter this year!

FB Live State By State

Grab your copy of USA State by State here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!

USA State by State

More USA Fun!

USA Map FB Hands on USA States and Capitals FunUSA States and Capitals Worksheets USA PowerPoint

USA Geography Plan for 3rd Grade

I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do for geography with Ladybug for her upcoming 3rd grade homeschool year. Recently I decided to focus on United States Geography! She was exposed to this at younger ages and still remembers much of it but I never expected mastery from her. This year we will aim for more mastery of the states, locations, capitals and abbreviations.

{disclaimer – affiliate links are used}

I am thrilled to have an all new resource: Ultimate U.S. Geography Learning Games and Resources to add to our USA Geography collection this year!


I have chosen to use several of the resources in this set, but not all since we have some of our own. I absolutely love the State Capital Clip cards and the UNO game!

US-States-ClipCards-Capital-ClipTheBorder_Cover-1-480x640 US-States-UNO-StateCards-COMPLETE-LT_Page_01-480x640

I am also planning to use some of the other worksheets included in the set.

USGeography-CrosswordAndWordSearchAd-800by529 USGeography-DrawStates-WriteTrace-800by529

I  plan to integrate out other USA Geography resources into our homeschool plan too. We will use our Peel, Play & Learn map, our USA Geography PowerPoint, games, States & Capitals Worksheets and other fun resources.

USA Map FB Hands on USA States and Capitals FunUSA States and Capitals Worksheets USA PowerPoint

Hands on USA Geography

Hands on USA States and Capitals Fun

Learning U.S.A. Geography doesn’t have to be boring. We have a few favorite resources for hands on U.S.A. states and capitals fun that I want to share with you today. If you are looking to add a few resources to your homeschool supply stash, these would be the three I recommend.

Our very favorite is Sequence States and Capitals. They ask to play this outside of school time, which is wonderful.  I love when they really enjoy a game that provides excellent natural review. I highly recommend this game!

USA Geography -2055


We also really like Scrambled States. This isn’t one they choose outside of school time, but when we play, they enjoy it. There’s an easy and a harder way to play.

USA -0943


We also have a new favorite, you can see the full review here, with a video! Educents sent us this awesome USA Map Wall Play Set and we look forward to using this for fun review all year long! There’s also a mini set here if you don’t have space for the big set!

Already this has been a fabulous resource, and I am so thankful to have it!  It will provide loads of hands-on review!

USA Map Wall Play Set -4869


Learning states and capitals can be so much fun!  Here’s some links for you sharing all of our posts featuring United States Geography in case you want more ideas!

USA States and Capitals Worksheets USA PowerPoint Graphic United States Geography Homeschool Plan for Elementary USA Homeschool Geography with Elementary Students


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